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        Well I finally found a fix to the pausing problem in Windows 7 - DriverHeaven - basically you have to make sure both of your network ports are connected to a network. Other than that Windows 7 seems to be running fine.


        The main problem I'm having now is that my 5520 IOH keeps overheating. At better design would have been to attach a low profile heat-pipe to somewhere where the heat can be removed better with a fan or water block. Stuck under the tail ends of the grapics cards it's hard to cool it properly.


        thewaves - I'm sorry to hear that you cannot boot from your Adaptec 5805. Which PCI slot do you have it in? I was planning on getting a FusionIO board to boot from and putting it in the 8-lane slot (which is opnly 4-lanes electrically).


        What do you have the SSD drives attached to? the Adaptec or the ICH10R?


        I've invested well over $10,000 on my system, and well over 50 hours as well. I've had some success as I finally got my System running with Windows 7 on RAID 5 with 2 TB disks (after being told by Intel Technical Support the board would not support 2 TB disks).


        Cheers, Eric

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          Hi folks,

          I thought I'd throw in a "me too". I integrated my system September 3rd:



          One X5550

          3x4GB Crucial

          STS100C CPU heat sink / fan


          Windows 7 build 7100 is basically unusable. I had the stuttering or pausing problem that Eric described - all of the cores were very busy on an "idle" box. I've been testing our Fedora 11/12 and Ubuntu 9.04/9.10 and so far Ubuntu Karmic us running the best, although both run nicely. Windows 7 runs fairly well as a virtual machine on Ubuntu using Virtualbox. I haven't figured out how to get Linux, Windows, or OpenBSD to recognize a RAID0 virtual disk yet, so I'm running in "enhanced" mode.


          The main problem I'm having with the S5520SC board right now is that the CPU fan is running at 100% ALWAYS. The noise is completely intolerable and I haven't been able to find a solution. I've updated the BIOS and firmwares with the deployment assistant, set the thermal profile to "acoustic", re-installed the CPU heatsink with arctic silver, set the BIOS to factory defaults, ran the Platform Confidence Test via the EFI shell, but the CPU fan continues to run at 100%.


          Interestingly, the CPU fan went to a whisper quiet purr breifly while updating the firmwares. It also went breifly quiet while a portion of the PTC test was in progress.


          I sent an email to Intel about it. Hopefully I'll hear back from them soon.


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            I think It's a very very poor show for Intel to keep telling customers that the board does not work with a a variety of components - it's not as if the product was released yesterday.


            I am now running a Vertex Turbo on the ICH10R - it seems OK.


            The noise is fairly bad on these boxes - even with BIOS updates and set to acoustic mode: one more failing of this board.

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              Update: I've fixed the CPU fan speed issue. Here were the steps taken:


              1) Enter BIOS and press F9 and then F10 and reboot with Intel Deployment Assistant 3.1 in the CD drive.

              2) Reinstall all the firmwares and BIOS.

              2) Select Acoustic, <300m

              3) Select yes for CPU fan1, Sys fan1, Sys fan2, Sys fan3, Sys fan5.


              While the assistant was "verifying BMC (PIA)" the CPU fan to a medium speed and then to a whisper quiet speed (and stayed that way).


              I think the problem may have been that I had the fan speed indicator from my Evo Galaxy 1250W PSU plugged into one of the chassis fan connectors. It may have caused the BMC to think there was a fan failure, and in response to this, raise all other fans to maximum.

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                Well, here we go again. I had to unplug my computer to reroute some cables and when I plugged my power back in and booted up all my fans were running at 100% again. It's like the BMC forgot all it's settings or something, but I don't really know.


                Anyway, i fought with the motherboard for an hour trying to get the fans to quiet down again. I used the Intel Deployment Assistant cdrom method as before, but it would just not take.


                Finally, I booted into EFI and loaded the firmwares and BIOS from a USB keychain. I need to learn how to configure the BMC/SDR some other way. I'm concerned one of these days I'll brick the motherboard. I need to learn the nuances of this board before it bricks me.

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                  I seem to have the opposite problem to hypermeta - my fans all run at the slowest setting - but then I can't say for sure what RPM they are running at. The bottom line is my system is quiet, which is why the 5520 IOH may be overheating - I cannot get enough air moving through the chassis.


                  I'm using a "custom" chassis (from the BMC's perspective). Actually it's a SilverStone TJ07, modified by CoolIT Systems (in Calgary) with a WS240 water cooler in the top for the CPUs. It's supposed to adjust the fan speed automatically based on water temperature, but I've not gotten around to loading CPUs yet. Anyway, it's got two 120 mm fans pulling air into the case through the radiator. The chassis also has a pair of 90 mm fans pulling air in from the back, so there is lots of air coming into the chassis. Unfortunately the 5520 IOH heatsink is sort of sheltered from the airflow because of the graphics card.


                  Because I have reported my chassis as "custom" to the BMC it does not try to change the fan speed. I wish there was some way to tell the BMC to just set the speed on certain fans.


                  hypermeta - I always worry about bricking my system too - as I have already done on a couple of ocassions. The Clear-CMOS jumper is your friend in these cases.

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                    Enterring the foray......with some input:


                    I have one of these boards -- an S5520SC in a Appro Workstation. I currently have a pair of X5520's, 12Gb and a pair of nVidia GTX 260s in SLI...approved or not.


                    Now, granted, the Xeons aren't pushing 3GHz, they're tame rather than extreme by any sense. But I have to say, asside from the long POST time and the aircraft-style runway noise at takeoff (all fans max for 2 seconds on bootup for the dust blow-out) I really can't complain.


                    I can run a 3D simulation on 100 square miles of terrain, or run Call of Duty at 90+ frames and keep the whole thing below 50c, and I don't have any hyper-cooling.  I typically run VMWare workstation, and have several virtual PCs clanking away all day long.


                    I am not sure what the perceived SLI power obstacle (whether it's Intel and nVidia not getting along, candidly) but with a 1k power supply, nothing in my case has either melted or lacked for juice. (I probably spend a bit too much for power, these days, though.)


                    My bottom line, although the SLI support is not "official" I still agree with Intel that the Shady Cove board is indeed a next-gen Skulltrail.


                    Much Love to the dual-Nehalem crowd, see you at CES.


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                      Congratulations on your new system.


                      I just added a second X5550 to mine and some more RAM. I'm waiting for the 160GB Intel X25-M second gen drives to come down in price, but they just get more and more expensive lately - $600 each!


                      I thought that SLI wasn't possible on unapproved boards. ATI just released the new 5870 card, so a good crossfire solution is available now too.


                      I've never heard of ShadeCove before. I googled "shadecove intel", but didn't turn anything up. What is it?

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                        Nevermind the question about ShadeCove - "intel shady cove" was what I needed to search for.

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