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    Intel DG41TY RealTek NIC Connection Issues


      Hello, I am an IT professional and have recently purchased seven (7) DG41TY mainboards from NewEgg. These boards are the foundation for new computers used by teachers and a library computer lab.



      Mainboard: Intel DG41TY

      CPU: Intel E5200

      RAM: Crucial 2GB Kit - CT2KIT12864AA800

      HDD: Various but typically WD Blue 250GB or WD 80GB

      Optical: Various

      OS: Windows XP Professional SP3


      The installed BIOS version on the mainboards is: TYG4110H.86A.0031.2009.0626.1405

      The installed NIC diver version is: 5.712.1217.2008


      Installation process of the machines was identical.

      All were fresh OS installs on brand new hardware.

      I used the provided Intel one-step driver install CD on all systems.



      Frequent and random "Limited or no connectivity" error messages

      Frequent inability to pull an IP address from a DHCP server

      Frequent "media disconnected" or simlar disconnet error messages

      Frequent connect and disconnet cycles (like a little kid flipping a light switch on and off real fast)


      These connectivity issues have rendered the systems unusable.


      I am currently trying solutions provided by Rajiv Doolub in this thread: http://communities.intel.com/message/67629#67629


      Previous attempts to fix this issue include:

      Warm reboot, this rarely works

      Cold boot, this rarely works

      Unplug power, set PSU to "off", wait several minutes, cold boot, this works for an intermittant period of time.

      Disable "Allow computer to turn off this device..." under power management, this seemed to work but didn't

      Disable "Green Ethnet" in advance driver properties, this seemed to work but didn't


      I will continue to update this post until the issue is resolved.

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          Installed driver version 5.736.728.2009 using the file found here:



          Driver install package gave options to Repair or Remove, I selected Remove

          I then re-ran the install package and installed the drivers

          System re-detected NIC, would not connect to network

          I performed a restart, system would not pull an IP address from DHCP server

          I completely unplugged the system, pulled the RTC batterry, waited 10+ minutes, then booted the system


          The system is now currently functioning but, it has only been less than half an hour.

          These systems have worked fine for up to three days without issue.


          I will continue to update this issue.

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            I have now applied the new driver and removed power/RTC battery on all five systems. So far so good, I will continue to update this post.

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              All systems seem to be running fine after a week of testing. I will be deploying these systems today and will report any issues that arise.

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                Hello guys,


                i have exactly the same problem but on DG41MJ. I purchased 12 pieces!!!

                I am running on OpenSuse 10.3

                Sometimes lan is working, sometimes not.

                it drives me crazy. i tried few versions of driver but its not working...

                Do you have some solution for linux too?

                I dont want XP.

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                  I have the exact same issue.  The unplug then cold boot solution seems to work temporarily...but what a pain!  I have 25 machines across 3 counties with this board!  I will try your solution and keep my fingers crossed...


                  Glad I found your post, I was losing my mind!



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                    I had the same problem on multiple systems the fix I found is update to the 0033 Bios. Then after the bios update is complete, make sure to go in to the bios and reset to optimal settings. It's working as of now. Will post again if it just goes out randomly again.


                    Bios Update: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/download.aspx?url=/18167/eng/TYG4110H.86A.0033.EB.EXE&DwnldId=18167&lang=eng




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                      As of Nov. 14th, I have not had a recurrance of this issue. Please see my above posts for steps to resolve this issue.



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                        Hi Passelin,

                        I saw your thread. I have a similar kind of problem. I tried installing a PCI modem in my new DG41TY motherboard with Windows XP SP 3. The driver got installed perfectly. But when I tried to use it, it showed me an error stating that there was a IRQ conflict with other components. I checked system information and found that the conflict was with the onboard NIC. I have tried to separate the IRQ for the PCI modem but I have been unsuccessful. There is no BIOS option for separating the IRQ manually. I tried enabling the COM port for assigning IRQ but it did not work.


                        You seem to have solved your problem. Can you help me solve mine.


                        Thanks in advance,

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                          This might sound obvious, but have you tried installing the modem in a different PCI slot on your board? I have run into this issue with old NForce 2 boards due to IRQ sharing, and a quick slot swap always did the trick.

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                            Hi Passelin,


                            As you said it is obvious that when a PCI card does not work in one slot, people usually try it in the other slot. But such peripherals are assigned an IRQ for communication with the processor. When this process gets done automatically then all problems begin as more than one type of component gets the same IRQ. In some older computers, we were able to change the IRQ manually at the BIOS setup. But I don't know why they haven't provided this option in the new motherboard.


                            In another thread I read that enabling the COM Port will show the option. I tried, but nothing changed.


                            Can you consult someone to get me some ideas. I am keeping in touch.


                            Also I would like you to allow me to post my querries in this thread. Since we both have the same motherboard it will help us both.


                            I will post the solutions whenever I find one. I am sure others too are facing the same problem.


                            Thanks anyway.

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                              I'd also like to add that I had this issue on several DG31PR motherboards and have now as of today experienced it on 2 DG41RQ motherboards.  I ended up throwing in 3COM PCI NIC's to get them up and running ASAP.  I didn't see this thread at the time of repair but I did flash BIOS and what not though I did not pull out the CMOS battery or set optimal settings in BIOS.  The main issue seems to be that the adapter just completely disappears out of device manager (both on the DG31 and DG41 boards) and it's virtually impossible to get it to show back up.

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                                Hi Persiannight,


                                It seems the only way to use Internet connection with the new boards DG41TY / DG31PR is to enable and use the RJ 45 jack type LAN connector that comes with some broadband modems / routers.


                                But some of the users in the forum have reported that it is unstable, some periods of hyperactivity, other periods of dull or nil activity.


                                There can only be one reason that Intel is not following the backward compatibiliy route. Intel probably has plans to come up with a new microarchitecture design incorporating all the possible peripherals onto a single motherboard. No doubt that if it can come up with a Quad core and Extreme processors, then it is not far behind in incorporating all possible peripherals onto a single motherboard. Just look at some of the laptops available nowadays. You will know what I mean.


                                However PCI modems I have used are slow, delivering only a max. of 41 Kbps of speed. The broadbands start anywhere from 2 Mbps and go upto 64 Gbps even more.


                                The next series of motherboards from Intel would be interesting to watch. I suspect we will all have to throw our present series of Classic and Essential motherboards and adopt the new microarchitecture technology.


                                Share your views with me. I am in urgent need of Internet connection for domestic use and am running out of ideas to use Internet with the new DG14TY motherboard.



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                                  Hi Persiannight


                                  There is an option in BIOS to enable/disable the onboard LAN. Check to see if this is enabled. Since this is an important onboard component it will certainly display when checking onboard components. Its unusual that the onboard lan does not show. I disabled this during PCI configuration and it did not show on Device Manager. Once enabled, it appeared on the list.


                                  Please reply to me after checking



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                                    Hi all,


                                    It seems DG41TY has lot of problems with the onboard NIC. It either fails or causes conflicts.

                                    Is there a usb modem that can be attached to the DG41TY motherboard for use with a dial up connection?

                                    I feel the USB connection might be a solution to PCI problems. At least if they have been assigned the resources properly. This I believe because USB devices came later and have been assigned a large quantity of resources lately. Can anyone give me a better opinion. Suggestions are always welcone.



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