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    How To Update Firmware From USB flash drive


      I didn't have access to my laptop optical drive for the update so I setup a USB flash drive for the SSD firmware update.

      The procedure was:


      1.) Download the latest firmware ISO.

      2.) Create a temporary folder and extract the contents of the ISO to this folder. I used UltraISO, but I guess you could also use any freeware virtual CD ISO mounting tool such as Virtual Clone Drive and just copy it from the mounted virtual CD.

      3.) Edit the config.sys and take away any references to "A:\" drive, so it reads as:


      SHELLHIGH=command.com /P

      4.) Download the HP format tool from here:

      5.) Run the HP Tool (If on Vista/Windows 7 right click and choose "Run as Administrator)".

      6.) Select the "Create a DOS startup disk" option and point the source files to the temporary folder you extract the ISO files to.

      7.) Click on the tool's "Start" button.

      8.)  Once it finishes copy the rest of the ISO contents (config.sys, iSSDFUT.exe, README.TXT, more.exe, and himem.exe) manually to the flash drive.

      9.) Boot off the flash drive and update as normal.

      Tip: A great freeware tool to see what current firmware your drive is running and if TRIM is supported is Crystal Disk Info:

      Here's a screenshot of it running against my SSD that I took just now: