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    Information Update on the Intel Storage SS4200-E


      Greetings ...


      I was trying to get some up2date information on the SS4200-E.

      1) will there be an firmware upgrade to EMC Lifeline v2 available for the SS4200-E?
      This question was also posted in Intel Community Forums months ago - still no answer.


      2) Are Seagate Barracuda LP 5900.12 2000GB, SATA II (ST32000542AS) supported - to be more general: are new drives bigger then 1 TB supported? I again checked  Intel Forums - no definite answer. There seem to be Issues with Western Digital GP Drives - but there were always some problems with these drives in certain configurations.


      There are companies out selling the SS4200-E with 8TB (4x2TB Drives) - so are these valid configurations or not?


      Maybe releasing a new Tested Hardware and Operating System List (THOL) would be good idea - the last version 1.3 is from January 2009.


      3) Will an 6TB Raid5 work created from 4x 2TB Drives?
      There are posts stating the Raid5 could be filled up to 4096GB - after the reboot, the raid went offline and all data was lost. To me that seems like a serious issue - also no helpful reply here.


      4) After reading the release notes of the latest available LifeLine Release, there is an issue mentioned, that Media Streaming of Files bigger then 2GB is not supported. Will this issue be fixed?


      Thank you,


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          All I can tell ya is that I am using Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB HHDs and they worked fine

          with the latest firmware available on the INTeL site. Haven't tried 2GB But my gut feeling

          is that they should work.


          There hasn't been a software update for a long time, let's hope the next update, if any,

          is v2. I have a sneaky suspesion that that is not in the cards.

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            I'm also interested in whether or not Intel will be releasing the updated firmware from EMC. The updated firmware includes a number of desirable features including, for me, VMware ESX support which is sadly missing in the current firmware. Would someone from Intel please look into this for us?





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              Hello forum,


              We are an IT company that has sold many ss4200-e's to our customers however clients have been asking for more hd capacity.


              I'm just updating this thread and we'd be grateful if someone from Intel could reply re. the following:


              1) Are 2TB hdd's or 1.5TB ones supported? What about the 4096MB limitation?

              2) The tested hw list is now quite old (from Jan. 2009).  Intel's customers would certainly appreciate an up to date list as there are many new hdd's in the market (eg WD 1TB Caviar Black) that work with the SS4200 and not in the THOL...




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                The unit does in fact accept 4 2TB drives (see images below). I have not fully tested capacity loading for any defects, but the array is working fine and runs very fast. I have read articles at different sites stating that the Linux file system in use should support 8GBs. The throughput on this device far exceeds any previous NAS that I've owned. Initial tests of simple file copy were around 6MB/s. Other site reviews have this in the 35-35MB/s transfer speeds, but at the time of this writing, I'm not currently running it on a gigabit switch. The media server leaves a lot to be desired and does not work with any of my older streaming client devices that worked find with my UPNP Buffalo TeraStation NAS; which was slow as pouring honey but always worked. The security is also simplistic, but is domain capable. The hardware itself is easy to work with, drive installation took about 5 minutes. The unit runs very quiet and cool. I do not hear the drives at all, and the fans are barely audible but there. The CPU runs at around 20C in in 70F room; sorry for the mixed results.


                When four drives are installed, you have two options for configuration; RAID 5 or two RAID 1 drives.


                If you have any other questions, please post and I'll try to answer what I can.




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                  Great info there mkmcgregor. Thanks for the reply.


                  6 MB/s !!  Obviously speed depends on the hub/switch however the theoretical max on a 100mbit lan is 12.5MB/s and most decent ones work at around 75-90%.