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    Matrix Storage - RAID degraded, then FAIL after reboot

      Hi there,


      i need some help - IMSM is showing my drive "failed" where it should say "degraded".


      The whole story:

      ASRock Mainboard, 4x500 GB Maxtor HDDs, 1 RAID5 volume spanning all drives.


      Computer hanged eventually, after resetting the it spends in POST mode is tripled, and BIOS found only 2 of 4 disks.

      After poking around with cabling, i found that one faulty hdd on sata3 blocked the disk on sata1; after removing the cable from sata3 IMSM found the three remaining disks, and put up the raid volume in degraded mode. Fine.

      Some time after boot, while preparing for backup, the computer hung; only reset possible.

      After reset, the three drives are found, but the raid volume is in "failed" state and offline.


      Is there any way to force IMSM-Rom to bring up that raid again? I have some Knoppix and Windows boot CDs, and decent Linux knowlegde, so even direct writes to the HDDs should be no problem.


      I also wrote to Intel support, but no answer yet. Any help out there?

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          If you use CTRL+I to enter the option ROM, does it give you an option to "mark as normal"? It might .. I know it does for RAID 0, but I thought it would for any failed volume (will have to check ..). If not, you can also try booting to an OS on a different hard drive (a drive that's not part of the failed RAID volume), installing the Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager (if not already installed - so you have the console app), and using the console app to see if any of the hard drives are marked as failed and can be reset to normal.