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      I am wondering where I might go for support on this device as it appears it is no longer supported by Intel tech support. I'm attempting to install Vista on this device, with a SATA CD-ROM on SATA-0 and a 300GB SATA HDD on SATA-1. When I get to the point where Vista is asking for which drive to install to, I get the following error message:



      This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu.



      However, the computer is able to boot to this disk, but only if it is on SATA-0, apparently. Unfortunately, this cannot be done as I need to be able to boot from the DVD in order to start the installation.



      I've tried every combination of physical hard drives and DVD players (IDE and SATA) and every combination in the BIOS, but nothing seems to work. It is almost as if when I place a device on the IDE chain, the SATA chain doesn't work as it should, and vice-versa.



      Any ideas out there in cyberspace?






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          I decided to reinstall XP, then started the Vista installation from the DVD, from within XP.



          Works fine now and I can see both the SATA drive and the EIDE DVD-RAM drive.



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            Javed Lodhi


            Hi Steven,



            I am sorry if no one responded to this earlier however here is what you were facing problems with. You had a SATA drive and it wasn't being recognized by the OS for which this is the workaround though it's for 98/ME but also works with Vista: Install SATA Problem on D865PERL



            Other than that, in case you encounter any other problems, be sure to access the following URL and see the FAQs. D865PERL FAQs



            For driver/software/BIOS and other support, here is D865PERL support page.



            In case you encounter any further problems, make sure you let us know here or write to us in person so that we have your message right in our mailbox.






            Warm Regards,



            Javed Lodhi



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