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    DG45FC no display with hdmi projector




      the problem is as follows:

      I am using the dg45fc (or am trying to) as a HTPC and would need Vista to boot it up with only a projector connected to the HDMI.

      Off course the projector is a state of the art HT-version and supports only 1080p and will not show any kind of picture in any other resolution. So no way to see the boot screen with the projector. This is no problem since the only thing i WANT to see is Vista and it’s mediacenter!


      I have a nice and convenient workaround to my problem:

      Start the system with a monitor connected to the DVI only. Very important! Not to have ANYTHING in the hdmi!!! Very important…

      Let the system start and then connect the projector to the hdmi and let the Bill Gates find it and suggest what ever dual display and then begin fooling around with the settings to finally have the desired resolution and display in the projector! How nice and how convenient and very simple! Especially the cable connecting part? Isn’t it?


      What i would like to have is a nice little option in the bios settings to force the display to hdmi only and forget all the trouble forever. Just start it and get what you want – a picture on the screen after a while.

      Or what ever option so that the bios will not shut down the hdmi (and DVI!) because resolution is not supported by the projector.


      I am using the latest bios and drivers and what ever, Vista is updated with latest up to date everything...


      Many thanks for all suggestions and help anyone can provide to my little problem.

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          Maybe you have already done this...


          Go to Windows Display Properties.. While the HDMI Display is connected..

          Right Click Desktop >> Properties >> Settings..

          Make your HDMI Display your default display...


          After that try booting it and see, do not plug in your DVI/VGA monitor...

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            Thanks for trying to help me.

            Yes, this would definitely solve the problem in XP.

            Vista behaves differently and somehow reads the monitor info during/from/right after POST, and because the whatever resolution during post is not supported by the projector, i will not get a display in Vista.

            I know the problem could easily be solved by a new bios setting to force the display to DVI or hdmi.


            Or it can be done by some major hacking in Vista so that Vista wouldn’t read the monitor info from bios or post or whatever.


            I even got the Gefen DVI Detective to solve my problem. It worked nicely for a while, but not any longer after the latest bios update.

            The trick before the latest bios update was to have whatever monitor connected to DVI (in my case a Gefen dvi detective) and to trick bios to think there was a monitor available. This way Vista could first use the whatever monitor and then change to the projector automatically just as it should when it had completed it’s starting process. I even got the boot screen and post to display in a monitor at first if i actually used a monitor to do the job. Then after some bios update, I lost the picture, but who cares, I still got it to the projector after windows had started.

            Now with the latest bios I cant get the picture to anything any longer.

            What I can get is the BACKLITE to turn permanently on in a monitor if i connected one to the dvi, but no picture, nice huh?


            I only get the picture by the way described above.


            I am very interested how other people have solved or build their HTPCs.

            I could of course use XP as the OS, but the keyword there is Blu-ray…

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              Have you tried to connect with a DVI to HDMI cable? You did not give make and model of your projector, so unless the thing has a built in sound system, why bother going HDMI to HDMI, when DVI to HDMI will get you the same resolution? For that matter, if your projector is state of the art, then it surely has a DVI in port, so why not just connect that way and be done with it? Again, if you are not going to push HD audio to your projector, what's the difference? Am I missing something?

              Best regards

              The Cleaver

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                Good point.

                The problem with Dvi is the same as it is with hdmi.

                If i use dvi-hdmi adapter/cable the projector still doesn’t support the post’s resolution and the port (dvi also) will shut down as no monitor was connected.

                Projector is Panasonic AE2000.

                So, i could of course go VGA with the projector. 50feet vga cable and try to push 1080p trough it. Don’t laugh…

                This is not funny…

                I could also go CAT5! Gefen has a nice vga to cat solution. Very expensive, but who cares any longer…

                So there surely is a hardware solution, but for now i am looking for a software one.

                The only software solution i can think of that will definitely fix the problem is going back with the bios updates a few steps… (i am a complete idiot in vista hacking, so if someone knows something about it, please tell…)

                I need to go down to 0107 to get the display working again. No boot screen with that version, but windows can start the projector if i use the dvi detective in the dvi port.

                If i want to look at the post i believe i need to go down to 0097? In both cases i need something to be connected to the dvi port.

                Thanks again for all your efforts with the problem.

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                  I found this on an unrelated forum. It is designed to trick the pc into thinking that there is a monitor plugged into the VGA port:


                  It seems like a fun, cheap enough project, and it just might work for you.

                  Best regards


                  The Cleaver