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        Intel Corporation
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        Hello Marjan.A and iamken_E
        We just wanted to double check if you still need further assistance.
        Please don’t hesitate on contacting us back.
        I hope to hear from you soon.
        Best Regards,
        Diego S.

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          Hi, i just had the same problem
          I think you people should at least create a pop-up window when we try to create a volume. Losing tons of important data and time because of something like this isnt going to work, Intel  

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            Hi there,


            i have also the same Problem just like Marjan.A and iamken_E. The Intel Rapid Storage Technology asked to do something after every start up. I thought it was some kind of update and did it. And after that i cant find my D-Storage. Therefore i want to ask you how to enter BIOS to reset the driver and reset the drives to Non-Raid. Please explain it to step by step (if there is any video, its for me better), cause in D-Storage there are very important datas, which i dont want to delete. If i search it from google there are many methods. But i dont know, which one is the right to reset my D back without delete the datas. I would be very happy to receive your detailed answer.


            Best regards

            Gansukh Tsogt

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