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    Is IOS External Accessoires support for Intel RealSense D400 cameras planned or already possible?


      I had a look into the Apple External Accessoires SDK and noticed that that the hardware manufacturer needs to register with Apple to make the SDK available with their hardware About External Accessories


      Communicating with an external accessory requires you to work closely with the accessory manufacturer to understand the services provided by that accessory. Manufacturers must build explicit support into their accessory hardware for communicating with iOS. As part of this support, an accessory must support at least one command protocol, which is a custom scheme for sending data back and forth between the accessory and an attached app. Apple does not maintain a registry of protocols; it is up to the manufacturer to decide which protocols to support and whether to use custom protocols or standard protocols supported by other manufacturers.

      As part of your communication with the accessory manufacturer, you must find out what protocols a given accessory supports. To prevent namespace conflicts, protocol names are specified as reverse-DNS strings of the form com.apple.myProtocol. This allows each manufacturer to define as many protocols as needed to support their line of accessories.

      Note: If you are interested in becoming a developer of accessories for iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you can find information about how to do so on http://developer.apple.com.


      Is this planned to be supported? I would love to write an app for the RealSense for several IOS devices And use the USB C to Lightning Cable to connect the camera to the device.


      Cheers RobotMama