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    Wireless-AC 8260 Disconnects Sproadically



      We have multiple Lenovo and Dell Laptops that are running Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 with Windows 10

      Our APs are Cisco Aironet 1602i

      I'm running driver version but we have previously been running older drivers.


      We have been experiencing issues with the Wifi Dropping for around 5-6 pings, during this period we would be disconnected from any Remote desktop sessions and Citrix windows would crash and Skype for business will disconnect. Cisco have looked at the issue and can see that the machine although is static will roam between 2 APs, the majority of the time you can see that this successfully reassociates. They have confirmed that the machine its deciding when to re-associate. Sometimes the failure can occur and the machine will reconnect to the same controller.


      There is an entry in the event logs for:6105 - deauth after EAPOL key exchange sequence


      We have had this issue with Windows 8 aswell however, it was was no where near as often as with Windows 10 and was generally accepted. However now it is happening 3-4 times a day per laptop and is becoming a huge issue.


      We have setup a old Windows 7 machine laptop which has a completely different WLAN card. We are waiting to see if the issue occurs, I'm confident taht the issue lies with the 8260 cards.


      Has anyone else experienced this issue?