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    RST Need to reconnect 2 drives in RAID1




      I had to reinstall windows 10 pro and also did a BIOS update and I got disconnected from my RAID1 drives


      I have my OS on drive 0
      I have bios set to RAID mode

      and 2 data discs on Drive 1 & Drive 2  ( there were in RAID1 ) and the data is still on both drives
      I reinstalled RST




      Can I re-create the Raid-1 with those 2 drives and NOT loose the data ?


      I'm using RST


      I can select a VOLUME000

      I can select my 2 data discs  ( drive 1 & drive 2 )
      but, the choice to KEEP the data is greyed out.


      I do NOT want to loose my data, I only want to re-create the RAID1


      thank you


      Phill H