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    Depth of a Pixel




      What is the correct way of reading the depth of individual pixels in C++?


      I want to copy depth matrix (without colorizing) to an OpenCV Mat and then make calculations with it.

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          Are you using RealSense SDK 2.0 or the older '2016 R2' or '2016 R3' RealSense SDK, please?

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            I am using RealSense SDK 2.0  on a RS300, which will be replaced with D435

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              Here's some C++ code for getting pixel depth in meters in SDK 2.0.


              rs2::depth_frame dpt_frame = frame.as<rs2::depth_frame>();

              float pixel_distance_in_meters = dpt_frame.get_distance(x,y);

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                is there a way of getting distance values for all pixels at once?

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                  I wonder if a Point Cloud would be a suitable way for you to get all depth points at the same time.


                  librealsense/examples/pointcloud at master · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub


                  You can also get a point cloud in the RealSense Viewer software by clicking on the '3D' option next to '2D' in the top corner of the Viewer program when a stream is playing.

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                    I need the depth of every pixel for calculations in OpenCV. It will be running on an embedded device with Ubuntu, so Realsense Viewer is not an option.

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                      rs2_deproject_pixel_to_point may do the job.  Deprojection takes a 2D pixel location on a stream's images, as well as a depth, specified in meters, and maps it to a 3D point location within the stream's associated 3D coordinate space.


                      deprojection pixels to 3d point · Issue #1413 · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub


                      You may also be interested in a pre-made depth program for OpenCV by developer UnaNancyOwen.


                      RealSense2Sample/sample/Depth at master · UnaNancyOwen/RealSense2Sample · GitHub

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                        I have done it this way;




                        float darray [480 * 640];


                        int main()

                        //Contruct a pipeline which abstracts the device
                        rs2::pipeline pipe;

                        //Create a configuration for configuring the pipeline with a non default profile
                        rs2::config cfg;
                        //Add desired streams to configuration
                        cfg.enable_stream(RS2_STREAM_COLOR, 640, 480, RS2_FORMAT_BGR8, 15);
                        cfg.enable_stream(RS2_STREAM_INFRARED, 640, 480, RS2_FORMAT_Y8, 15);
                        cfg.enable_stream(RS2_STREAM_DEPTH, 640, 480, RS2_FORMAT_Z16, 15);

                        //Instruct pipeline to start streaming with the requested configuration

                        namedWindow("Colour", WINDOW_AUTOSIZE); namedWindow("IR", WINDOW_AUTOSIZE);

                        while (1) {

                          rs2::frameset frames;
                           //Wait for all configured streams to produce a frame
                           frames = pipe.wait_for_frames();
                           // Try to get a frame of a depth image
                           rs2::depth_frame d = frames.get_depth_frame();


                           // darray contains distance meters of all the x,y
                           for (int j = 0; j < 480; j++)

                            for (int i = 0; i< 640; i++)

                             darray[i + (j * 640)]= d.get_distance(i, j);


                          //Get each frame
                          rs2::frame color_frame = frames.get_color_frame();
                          rs2::frame ir_frame = frames.first(RS2_STREAM_INFRARED);
                          // Creating OpenCV Matrix from a color image
                          Mat color(Size(640, 480), CV_8UC3, (void*)color_frame.get_data(), Mat::AUTO_STEP);
                          Mat ir(Size(640, 480), CV_8UC1, (void*)ir_frame.get_data(), Mat::AUTO_STEP);

                          // Display in a GUI

                          imshow("Colour", color); imshow("IR", ir);

                          char key = waitKey(30);
                          if (key == 27) {
                           cout << "key pressed" << endl;

                           color.release(); ir.release();




                        return 0;



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                          Awesome, thanks so much for sharing your script with the community, JJR