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    upgrade memory on s3420 GPV


      I have intel s3420 gpv, intel xeon x3430 2.4 Ghz, memory Kingston 4x2Gb Kingston 9965439-051. All work great.

      The bios ver. S3420GP.86B.01.00.0046

      I bought 4x4GB DDR3 Samsung M393B5170DZ1-CH9 (RAM is on the supported list) but the bios wont start up.


      combination of old and new memory in bios:

      Dimm_A1 Failed (new memory)

      Dimm_A2 Failed (new memory)

      Dimm_B1 Installed (old memory)


      In Windows 2008R2 installed 10Gb, available 1.96Gb (2x4Gb+1x2Gb).

      How can I solve this problem?


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