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    Hyperthreading on Nuc not fully working




      I have a NUC7i7BNB, board version J31145-302, BIOS NBKBL357.86A.0063.2018.0413.1542 running Win10 x64 pro.


      (I have just now updated all the software as it would never update in the past using the Intel tool.  I finally went and updated the BIOS manual to the latest as of today.  Then I updated all other drivers via the tool and am 100% updated).


      Problem I have is the I only see 4 threads.  I should see 4 Cores and 8 threads, should I not?  My Mac that is bootcamped sees 8 cpus.  Yes, I have Hyperthreading Enabled in the BIOS (Performance, Processor, and Intel Hyperthreading is Checked).  I also confirmed that in msconfig | advanced the processor checkbox unclicked.


      The only way I found out about this is the new chess program I purchased only sees 4 processors while on my Mac it sees 8.


      Any help is appreciated!