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    Intel 82579 V - LM switch messing up my internet connections


      The integrated Intel 82579V Gigabit Ethernet card is causing a serious problem since a few months.


      At startup, the network indicator has either a red or a yellow exclamation mark in it, with no internet access.


      Couple of latest symptoms:


      The last weeks: at startup mostly yellow exclamation mark, no internet. Device manager shows 82579V is working properly.

      Troubleshooter shows "cannot reset ..adapter" and "no proper IP address"


      ANYTHING I try in device manager like looking for hardware changes or disable/enable: device manager goes into endless loop. Trying to restart: restart loop. Trying to shut down: shutdown loop? Everything seems down, screens are black, but the on-off light is burning and the disk spinning idle. In both cases I have to keep the start button down for seconds to do a hard switch-off. If I then do a new start-up, almost always the internet is ok; which is weird.


      If the PC goes to sleep with functional internet, at wake-up almost always the internet is down, the internet indicator has a red exclamation mark. In device manager, the device is indicated as 82579LM. In device manager doing a check for hardware changes and the device goes back to -V and all is ok.



      Since the start of the problems -somewhere November 2017- sometimes the PC started as -LM, and the "scan for hardware changes"- worked, the last days the PC always starts with a non-functional -V.   


      I have windows 10 with all updates current, less than 4 months old router TP-Link Archer C7. I did do a Intel driver update to version, driver date 27.7.2016. Already before and after, all update efforts tell that the drivers are up to date.


      There are 3 laptops and two phones on this local private network. Only the PC is wired, the rest is wireless. Only the Intel 85279 causes problems, the other devices are without problem.

      Disabling AV (bitdefender) does not help.



      Maybe part of the restart problem is sometimes also connected with wireless mouse dongle. I once took it out during restart, then the loop ended but with a "we cannot continue, please do hard restart" screen. Taking the dongle out completely does not solve the V-LM problem, neither does taking the dongle out while restarting or starting.   


      Cables are ok, router is ok, tested several other solutions and did several tricks for flushing and resetting etc etc, nothing works or only works once and after net start-up problem is back, so NO permanent solution.


      I do now something about software and hardware; this is really a problem of the 85279 that started after W10 updates around November - December 2017. 


      Any ideas or comments how to solve this? 


      My PC:

      Asus P8Z68-V Pro gen 3; i7-2600k; 16 GB RAM, ASUS-NVIDIA GTX 570, 240 GB SSD as OS and 1 TB WD as data drive,