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    Question) How can i convert rs2::frameset -> iplimage ?


      Hello, i'm sorry for serial question, but i can't find place where can i ask some problem directly about RealSense SDK.



      I referenced below sentence in visual studio.



      static rs2::frameset current_frameset;



      than, i want convert this "current_frameset" variable to iplimage for using openCV.

      how can i change this one? (exactly, rs2::video_frame -> CvCapture * )



      i tried this one,


      cv::Mat img(480,640, CV_8UC3, (uchar3 *)frame->get_frame_data(rs2::stream::current_frameset));


      but it came up only error that i can't understand.


      so, i wish sentence like      " frame = Cv ...  "   (frame is iplimage variable)



      thank for help!