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    Input not supported


      While trying to help a friend I googled his problem and the suggestion to fix it was to enter ALT+CTRL+RIGHT ARROW   KEY.  As soon as i did that a blue box popped up on my monitor with message input not supported.  I am running Windows 10.  I have literrally spent hours searchiing for a solution and have tried multiple things all to no avail.I connected a flat screen tv to the computer with hdmi cable and it is working fine. 

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          Al Hill

          How about some information that will help identify your friend's problem?


          Complete processor model number?

          System/motherboard model number?

          We assume WIndows 10?

          We assume some sort of graphics issue?

          What is the problem and what has been done/tried?

          Any other hardware model numbers?


          Be specific!  We cannot read minds.