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    I cannot install RealSense D435 on Windows 10.


      I'm trying to install RealSense D435 on Windows 10, following instructions shown at https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000026698/emerging-technologies/intel-realsense-technology.html


      On Device Manager, I see "Intel® RealSense™ 430 with RGB Module Depth" and "Intel® RealSense™ 430 with RGB Module RGB" under Imaging Devices. But I do not see "Intel® RealSense™ 430" under Universal Serial Bus Devices. Therefore, I don't see depth image with RealSense Viewer from RealSense SDK 2.0.I'm sure that the camera is connected to a USB 3.0 port.


      I also followed instructions shown at https://communities.intel.com/community/tech/realsense/blog/2018/01/23/workarounds-for-driver-installation-errors-for-intel-realsense-d400-series-in-windows-10 but I've been unsuccessful, even with a different PC that has Windows 10 and a USB 3.0 port.


      Can anyone help me figure out how to install the D435 camera?


      P.S. RealSense SR300 has been installed on my computers. Is there any possibility that its driver (Depth Camera Manager) is preventing the D435's installation?

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          Drivers for different types of RealSense camera will happily co-exist with each other.  I have drivers for F200, SR300 and R200 on mine, and use a D415 on the same computer without any trouble.


          It looks as though you are trying to install the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) driver for the camera.  This driver is just to help software applications that use UWP (a means for those applications to work across different Windows-based platforms such as PC, Windows Phone and Xbox) to work with the camera.  You should not need this driver for the D435 to work with Windows 10.  You would normally only have to insert the camera into a USB 3.0 port and it installs the camera drivers automatically.


          The approach I would recommend is to do an uninstall of the D435 drivers, as shown in the guide that you linked to.  then unplug the camera, wait a couple of seconds and plug it back into your USB 3.0 port to hopefully initiate automatic re-installation of the drivers.


          When you use the RealSense Viewer, could you tell me please if the camera is listed as 'Intel RealSense USB2[.  On my machine with a D415, if this camera name is present then it indicates that the camera is being treated as though it is inserted in a USB 2.0 port, even if it is plugged into USB 3.0.  On my PC, when this occurs the Viewer automatically launches in IR mode instead of making Depth available.  Does this resemble what you have on your screen?



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            Seem to be having the same issue with the same camera.

            in the viewer it is indeed showing a similar view as your screen.

            Windows 10 is at the latest version.. I just inserted the camera on a USB3 port and it installed automatically. (tried several ports)

            installed the SDK...

            attached some screenshots.


            Currently kind of at a loss on how to solve it.

            How do i uninstall the current drivers?



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              Looking at your image, I would assess from it that if the Viewer program is working then the drivers are working fine and you need not uninstall them.  The problem is with the USB ports on your computer.  Not all ports on all machines are equal.  On some machines they all work fine with the camera, on other machines, some of the ports may work well and a couple may give worse performance.  This is related to how a particular manufacturer has implemented the USB ports in their computer's design.


              On my own laptop PC, I find that correct detection in the USB 3.0 port can be erratic.  I would recommend unplugging your camera, waiting a couple of seconds and plugging it back in, and see if the 'RealSense USB2' message changes to 'RealSense D435'. Make sure you plug the camera in firmly all the way.


              Please try this unplug-plug procedure several times and come back here if it doesn't work.  Thanks!

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                Thanks for your advice. My D435 camera seems to be working fine now as the attached picture shows. Nonetheless, Device Maneger still does not show "Intel(R) RealSense (TM) 430" under Universal Serial Bus devices. Moreover, my C++ programs that work fine with SR300 cameras do not work with the D435 camera. Do I need to use a different version of RealSense SDK for the D435 camera from the version for SR300? Or is the cause of problem related to the absence of "Intel(R) RealSense (TM) 430" under Universal Serial Bus devices?



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                  I'm very glad that you got your D435 working! 


                  If your C++ was created in the earlier SDKs then it will not work in the RealSense SDK 2.0, as it uses different language.  It has more in common with the Librealsense SDK than the old Windows SDKs such as '2016 R2' and '2016 R3'.


                  If your camera seems to be working fine then I would not worry about the camera not appearing in the USB bus listings. Device Manager details can sometimes vary between machines - for example, with the earlier RealSense cameras, some people had all their drivers listed under Imaging Devices, and some had them appear under Camera.

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                    I have been using the RealSense SDK 2.0 and Librealsense SDK 2.0. I have just tried both of them and neither worked with the D435 camera. Can you guess why?



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                      If you wrote your program in SDK 2.0 for the SR300 and it does not work with the D435, that would suggest that your program accesses some function that the D435 cannot process.  Could you tell me more about what your program does please?

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                        Hi MartyG,


                        Thanks for the help but i'm afraid it's not doing any good.

                        I've tried on different ports and different pc's (2 new high end VR-capable desktops and a VR-capable laptop)


                        I've also tried with different USB-3->USB-C cables. The really weird thing is that with the cable that got shipped with the device i almost never get any detection of the device, often when i turn around the USB-C it then does connect but in USB-2 mode. (normally it would make no sense turning a USB-C cable and expecting a different result but in this case it really seems to be doing something) or maybe it's just a faulty connection in the D435 itself and the wiggling of the cable makes a difference... i don't know.


                        With a different cable (thinner USB-C cable from a galaxy S8) i always immediately get a connection but always in USB-2 mode.


                        Any other things i can try? Starts to feel like a faulty camera to me.




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                          The cables supplied with RealSense cameras are rated for use with the camera and so are the officially approved solution.  Whilst it is certainly possible to use your own cable, it does introduce an element of unpredictability.  for example, USB cables longer than 2 m may not work with the camera, because the cable carries so much camera data bandwidth that the data can get lost with a longer cable unless it is a premium high-grade expensive one.


                          I have found in the past that plugging in a USB-chargable device such as a tablet into a USB 2.0 port whilst the camera is attached to the USB 3.0 port can increase the chances of a RealSense camera working correctly if one is having USB issues.  When the chargable device is attached, the USB controller is told to supply extra power to the USB ports to provide the charging power.  With my SR300 camera, it would not work at all unless a tablet was put on charge in the USB port at the same time.  When the tablet was unplugged, the camera connection was lost.

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                            Just tried adding some devices to my usb-2 ports so they'd pull some power but it changes nothing in the viewer.

                            still does not show the camera or shows it as a usb-2 device without the rgb-camera (just the depth)

                            Should I RMA in your opinion?

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                              You have reasonably tried everything that you could, including testing on multiple machines, and have not had satisfactory results, so filing an RMA claim would certainly be an option for you. 




                              The problem may be solvable with further experimentation and / or additional equipment, such as a mains-powered USB hub to plug the camera into instead of plugging it directly into the computer.  However, it is up to you whether the time / money cost of such testing is acceptable to you.

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                                My previous is having a problem in being posted here (perhaps because I copied & pasted something I shouldn't have). So I just copied and pasted the main part as below.






                                Thanks for your quick reply. I tried some of my C++ programs with D435 and found that its color camera works fine but not the depth camera. With the depth camera, the program just closes soon after it starts running.


                                Basically, my programs are for 3D tracking. I use the color camera for 2D tracking and use the depth camera along with the projection function for coordinate mapping from color frame to depth frame. Then I further use the project funciton for transforming the depth-frame pixel coordinate to the world coordinate. This is what I have been doing. Nonetheless, when D435 is used instead of SR300, the depth camera does not seem to be working even with a program that simply shows depth frames without the projection function.

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                                  Based on past experience, I would guess that the problem of the program stopping when depth is accessed is related to the USB2 detection problem.  When the camera can only access USB2 mode, it starts (on my PC at least) in IR mode by default, and depth settings are not available.  So if the camera is in USB2 mode when your program runs, it may crash because it cannot access the depth functions.

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                                    Looking back over your error log, I note in the first two lines that you are using the 32-bit version but in the second line, the 64-bit (x64) version of RealSense.exe is being loaded.


                                    'RealSense.exe' (Win32): Loaded 'C:\Users\E5530\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\Template

                                    Programs\RealSense_Depth_Template\x64\Release\RealSense.exe'. Symbols loaded.


                                    The whole cascade of errors occurs after that point.

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