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    NUC5PPYH with Samsung SSD 850 EVO is unbootable after BIOS-Update 0068




      I own three NUC5PPYH with Samsung SSD 850 EVO 120 GB, 8 GB RAM and Windows 10 Pro.


      Today I did the BIOS-Update against Meltdown and Spectre (0068):

      Download BIOS Update [PYBSWCEL.86A]


      I used the EXE-File for Windows. I got no errors during the update. While it installed the update, the LED was blinking blue. After it had finished the LED was solid blue and the NUC tried to reboot. But that's it. The OS does not start any more, only the Intel NUC-Screen appears. I can't even go to BIOS Setup or startup menu.


      When I unplug the SSD, I can access BIOS setup. I enabled setup defaults, but no success, the Windows system does not boot.


      Then I changed the SSD and put in a Samsung PM851 with 128 GB. With my Windows 10 USB-Stick I could install a fresh system on this SSD.


      I took the Samsung SSD 850 EVO and put it into another PC and did a Secure Erase. Then I reinserted it into the NUC and wanted to do a fresh install of Windows 10. But I had no luck, I can't boot the system when the SSD 850 EVO is plugged in.


      The strange thing is:
      All of my three NUCs have exactly the same behavior. I can't believe that the BIOS-Update 0068 broke all of the three Samsung SSD 850 EVO in all of the three NUCs.


      So: What can I do? Do I really need new SSDs after this BIOS-Update?


      I am very sad about this BIOS-Update and that it broke my SSDs.


      I really hope that there is a solution for it.


      Thanks and kind regards


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