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    Built-in Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168 causing Bluescreens on my Ryzen desktop? Netwtw04.sys


      I am having bluescreens several times per day recently, and after looking at the crash dumps they are always pointing to Netwtw04.sys (the driver for the dual band Wireless-AC 3168 built-in to my ASRock AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac motherboard)

      Is there any setting that I can use to mitigate the issue? Any info I can provide to help debug the driver?


      At this point I am considering buying an addon wifi card and leaving the Intel part disabled.


      More history:

      When I first built this amd desktop, I had many bluescreens, but after a major windows update they almost disappeared (still once per month or two), and I never investigated further (sorry, no dumps).

      I had an A12-9800 APU installed. Last week I upgraded my bios and swapped in a Ryzen 3 2200G. I immediately started seeing multiple bluescreens per day again, sometimes just minutes after booting into Windows, sometimes at the login screen. My intuition said I messed up the installation, or that the new bios/drivers were responsible, but the crash dumps are always pointing to Netwtw04.sys. Considering I've been getting bluescreens for some time, maybe there's some underlying issue here that is exacerbated with the hardware change.


      With the wireless disabled, the system is very stable. I took a day to run Prime95 (with no internet connection), and it performed flawlessly. I ran the full Windows Memory Diagnostic overnight, and the results were normal, no errors. The system is running cool, the mobo and wifi antenna connector look totally normal.


      I found the latest generic drivers from Intel, installed them, and the problem got worse (so I reverted).


      This is pretty inconvenient for me, but perhaps it is a nice crash dump generator for you guys at Intel. I've collected a handful of full dumps for the last day or so, some using different driver versions than others. I've attached the mini dumps.