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    NUC7I5BNHX1 - optane not recognised after windows 10 reinstalled

    laurent yvrard



      first of all, sorry for my poor English.


      i installed a brand new NUC7I5BNHX1 next Sunday. everything went fine and i got not problem to have my optane memory (16gb) working (it was really fast )


      But after 3 days i got a big issue. my NUC refuse to start and i tried for a repair but with no luck.


      so i decided to reinstall Windows 10. first i had a problem because my hdd was no longer shawn when i tried to install.


      After a few research on the net, i found the solution within the bios.


      So finally i reinstalled windows 10.


      But now the problem is that the optane memory is no longer recognised. when i install the software "iRST_Optane_Memory_WIN10_64_15.9.0.1015.zip ", the software installation works but the module is not detected


      Note that intel rapid storage technology is selected for sata in the bios


      Can you help ?

      Is it possible that the intel optane memory has a hardware problem?