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    NUC7i5BNK crashes\stops but doesn't turn off after remote connection




      I use Intel Nucs for work. I place them at customer sites.

      We used to use the Skull Canyon i7s but then decided to switch to the nuc7i5BNKs, smaller, cheaper and still do the job.


      We've been having them crash lately, and need to actually turn them off and on again to get them back.

      We use TeamViewer, LogMeIn, TightVNC to remotely control them and several seconds\minutes after we log in they crash.


      Now, we changed their BIOS power setup to be "Always on" so in case the power goes out, when it comes back on they turn on and we regain control.

      Thing is, this crash gets the Nucs stuck in limbo mode. Not on, not off. The blue light on the power switch stays on. The only way to move on is to turn them off and then on again.


      Doesn't happen to our Skull Canyon Nucs, doesn't happen to our Compute Sticks.


      Saw a similar thread here but it was closed and there was no answer.



      Thanks for the help.