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    Skylake max core frequency


      Hi. I feel sorry for not finding a relevant topic, if it does, please share with me the relevant link.
      I have a Skylake i5-6500, operating Win 7. I installed Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and started a stress test. CPU utilisation was 100% but Max Core Frequency never exceeded 0.8 GHz. Is it normal or not? Some games started to lag recently, as i changed a CPU fan for a Thermaltake Riing Silent 12 Pro. I see no rise in CPU temp - it doesn't rise above 27-30C, thermal throttling is indicated as "Yes".

      So the main question is - why Max Core Frequency does not increase when CPU utilisation is 100%?

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          This is typically the result of limitations being placed on the processor by the BIOS. You need to look at the BIOS configuration. If you cannot figure it out, you need to contact the board manufacturer's help desk as it is their BIOS and we cannot help you with specific configuration options within, or problems with, their BIOS.