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    S2400SC memtest86 UEFI bit fade errors


      I have a S2400SC motherboard. Testing approved RAM, Samsung M393B2G70BH0-YH9 16GB ECC Registered Memory, using the Memtest86 v7.4 UEFI, I get a flood of bit fade errors (Test 10). The Memtest86 forum suggested that it might be a known bug in the Intel BIOS. In another forum posting, I saw a similar problem reported on various Intel MBs in the S2600 series. One individual reported that setting the BIOS to Optimize for UEFI fox it for him, but trying that, I still get a lot of errors.

      The cpu is Intel E5-2450L (supports ECC RAM), and only 1 cpu is installed on the MB. I ran the tests using 1 core. I ran it again with 64GB installed (4 x 16GB), and again got a result showing 1024 errors in Test 10 only. The summary report shows

      Lowest Error Address: 0x3FFFE018 (1023MB)

      Highest Error Address: 0x3FFFF814 (1023 MB)

      Bits in Error Mask: 00000000FFFFFFFF

      Bits in Error - Total: 32 Min: 0 Max: 32

      Max Contiguous Errors: 2


      Thanks for any help in sorting this out.

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