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    Intel Aero Schematics and "reserved" connectors pinout




      I can't locate schematics files for intel Aero and detailed connectors/pinout information (except few connectors described in Getting started guide). Can you please point me to the right direction?


      I am trying to design electronic payload for the drone and cant find information I need.

      Considering that this is "open source" development kit, absence of schematics and detailed BSP info is uhm.. puzzling, to say politely.


      Here is the list of info I am trying to find:


      1. Aero board schematics:

              1.1.  Connections between MAX10 and the rest of the board. I want to be able to modify fpga fabric for my design.

              1.2.  Detailed pinout of ALL connectors on board, including "reserved for future use". Future is now.

              1.3.  I would like to have clear understanding about other components on board to utilize it to the max. For example, is there PMIC? How can I do power monitoring and control? Throttling? Deep sleep? Is there fuel(lipo) cell gauge?

              1.4.  It is very difficult to design/learn around black box.

              1.5.  I would like to see how IOs of Atom are utilized and if there any way to customize it for my needs, especially high speed links (CSI, LVDS, etc)

      2. Aero Flight controller:

               1.1. Detailed interface info.

               1.2. Detailed flight controller info: capabilities, resolution, what sensors are there,etc. Right now there is next to total zero info on this component.

               1.3. Is it third party device? Is it AscTec Trinity ? why so much secrecy around stmicro chip with bunch of sensors on i2c/spi?



      Absence of low level technical documentation creates big hurdle for individual and small teams, while its easy to shave PCB layer by layer and reverse engineer it in few days for those who can afford it.

      My point here, schematics is not an info that need to be protected. Manufacturing process, software IP, architecture and control is.