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    Windows 10 Update 1607 auf 1709


      Die Windows Update-Funktion und der Windows-Update-Assistent laufen beim Update-Versuch von Windows 10 1607 auf 1709 auf Fehler.


      Der Microsoft-Support sagt, dass dies an veralteten Komponenten liegen könnte. Ich soll die Hersteller befragen, ob die Komponenten 1709-Kompatibel sind? :-D


      Frage ist, welche Komponenten überhaupt Auslöser das Problem sind?

      • Ist es z.B. der Prozessor (Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 980X Extreme Edition CPU @ 3.33GHz)
      • Oder die USB-Host-Controller  (Intel(R) ICH10-Familie, erweiterter USB-Hostcontroller)?
      • Gibt es weitere Intel-Komponenten und Treiber, die problematisch sind?


      Das Intel® Treiber- und Support-Assistent konnte installiert werden, aber dieser läuft aus verschiedenen Browsers heraus (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) leider nicht:

      "Beim Scan-Versuch ist leider ein Fehler aufgetreten. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut, oder ..."

      Auch hier keine Winweise auf die Ursache.


      Wie sollte ich an das Problem herangehen?


      Vielen Dank für jegliche Art der Unterstützung im Voraus!




      The Windows Update function and the Windows Update Wizard run on error while trying to update from Windows 10 1607 to 1709.


      Microsoft support says this could be caused by old components. I should ask the manufacturers whether the components are 1709-compatible or not? :-D


      Question is, which components actually cause the problem?

      • Is it e. g. the processor (Intel (R) Core (TM) i7 980X Extreme Edition CPU @ 3.33GHz)?
      • Or the USB host controller (Intel (R) ICH10 family, extended USB host controller)?
      • Are there other Intel components and drivers that are problematic?


      The Intel® Driver and Support Wizard could be installed, but unfortunately it does not run from different browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox):

      "Unfortunately, an error occurred during the scan attempt. Please try again, or..."

      Again, no windward direction to the cause.


      How should I proceed with the problem?


      Thank you for any kind of support in advance.

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          Al Hill

          This is really a question for Microsoft.  You should contact their forum for support.  Microsoft did push Windows 10 on you, and every thing worked until you went to 1709.


          And, your processor (1st generation) is very old (8 years old).  And, it is correct that your processor is not supported on Windows 10.


          However, I have seen this on several PCs.


          Unplug all devices that are not necessary - printers, scanners, external drives, etc. and even devices you may have connected on internal motherboard headers, dvd/cd drives, and I mean everything.


          Keep only what you absolutely need, like the mouse and keyboard, and LAN connection.  Do not use or attach any hubs.


          Do the update to 1709.  It will likely work.  If so, then begin by re-connecting all of the devices you have removed, one by one, until you find the offending device.  I will likely still work, but at least you will know for the next time.


          If this did not work, you can thank Microsoft as they are the ones who are not properly recognizing drivers/devices that they did on 1607 when upgrading to 1709.


          If you have a laptop that has the same update issue from 1607 to 1709, you most likely cannot do anything.  For example, an internal ricoh sd card reader driver will work on 1607, but not 1709.  Microsoft knows this, but will not correct the problem.  And, taking the laptop apart to unplug the device is not practical or possible.


          Now, my personal opinion - get a new or newer system and avoid the problems Microsoft has imposed on you and older hardware.



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            First of all, thank you very much for your detailed answer.


            Yes, the processor is "old". But in comparison with current processors it is not the slowest (12 cores), so it was a bit more expensive at that time. So far there has been no reason for an exchange.


            Windows 10 has been running on the computer for a long time. There were no issues with the compatibility test at that time. This means that the processor was never excluded from using Windows 10. Where does this information come from?


            Are there new restrictions for follow-up updates/builds/versions?

            If this is the case, then a compatibility check (analogous to the first release of Win10) is always required before such an update. It must inform the user which devices are not compatible and why.


            The suggested solution to "disassemble" the computer is reasonable, but not acceptable/practical.


            A pure driver detection problem is of course not a great Microsoft performance and is not acceptable. Nevertheless, it should be possible to get the latest driver from the manufacturer and update it manually in Win 10. 


            Exactly that leads to my next problem. The Intel® Driver and Support Wizard does not work. Also from Intel the user does not get a qualified error message. In the meantime, I have noticed that there are separate discussions on this subject.


            (At the end, it's no problem if the system has to stay on a particular build, as long as all security relevant updates are still delivered for this build)

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              Al Hill

              The official answer is that your processor is not supported on Windows 10.  However, there are older processors that are working with 1709.


              I do not believe it is an issue with your (unsupported) processor.  Like I said, just unplug every thing that you do not need, especially any usb devices/hubs, and try again.


              The Intel driver and support assistant is intended for INTEL boards.


              Regarding getting the current driver from the manufacturer, sounds good.  But, which driver do you need?  In my example, the ricoh sd driver is the latest available and works on 1607 but not 1709.  Ricoh has long since dropped support for this specific reader.  Getting a current driver from the manufacturer is simply not possible.


              As far as being on a particular build, W10 will try again, and again, and again to get you on 1709.  I purposely had to move a machine back to W7 just to avoid the constant reboot, download, reboot loop.


              No one is asking you to disassemble your machine.  Until you know what the offending device is, you can try what I proposed.  Maybe just start with the external devices and hubs, and keep only a wired keyboard and mouse.  On my own personal desktop, the offending device was the USB hub in a dell monitor.  Once unplugged, the upgrade to 1709 succeeded.


              So, either try and determine what is causing the problem, or get a new system.  I know it is not the ideal answer, but there are many users out there experiencing the same 1607 to 1709 problem.  Remember, Microsoft can decide at any time to completely drop support for "old", unsupported hardware.



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                I looked again at Intel and Microsoft.

                It is not quickly to find out that the "Intel driver and support assistant" can only be used for INTEL boards.


                But I read that Intel has discontinued support for the 980X. Too bad.


                Microsoft actually has separate "Hardware Compatibility Specifications for Windows 10" for versions 1607,1703 and 1709.

                It is very bad that there is no automatic check with concrete messages. A Windows update must never run in an endless loop.


                Well, that's why you're obviously right that I have to test devices individually. So thanks for the advice.

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                  Al Hill

                  Microsoft could do such a check. However, it is (in my opinion) more important for them to get their spyware out there as much as possible.