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    2 extra NICS showing S2600STB


      We have a server used the 2600STB.  When installing 2016 Server there are a total of 4 NICS showing in the Device Manager.


      2 of the NICs install fine.  2 are showing as code 10 in the Device Manager


      There are only 2 NICs on the machine.  There is no expansion (or any cards in slot 5)  card to enable the other 2 NICs.  They are flagged in the Device Manager and I can not figure out how to make them go away.


      The BIOS/ BMC/ FDRFSU was update to the latest on the Intel site as of 1.22.  The last drivers are installed.  But the code 10 is telling me the hardware can't be found.  Which is correct because it's not there


      I've read you can disable the NICs if the machine is installed it UEFI (Which it is) but this disabled all 4 NICs.


      There is only one reference to 'NICs' in the BIOS..which also disables all of them


      Any help on this?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Jamie,

          The Intel® Server Board S2600ST Product Family offers SFP+ 10Gbps connectivity, through and optional LAN riser accesory card. The network controller is integrated into the Platform Controller Hub (PCH) and the riser accessory provided the physical interface. The two "additional" NICs listed in device manager are the ones integrated in the PCH.

          The SFP+ LAN Riser option is only supported when installed into PCIe add-in slot #5 on the server board which includes an expansion connector allowing for communication to the onboard PCH and BMC. The SFP+ LAN Riser option can be used in single or dual processor configurations.

          For further references please check the Technical Product Specification from the link below:


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            The problem is...


            There is NO riser card in the machine...in fact there aren't any cards at all.  But 4 NICs still show up in the device manager.  The 2 onboard NIC..and the 2 SFP+ NICs


            Reading the FRUSDR notes...The FRUSDR should disable the 2 SFP NICs if the module is not present.  That is not happening


            We replaced the main board and the second board had the same problem




            There is definitely an issue with this board

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              As stated in the prior message, the 2 SFP NICs are going to be detected by the Operating System, even with no riser card installed. The network controller is integrated into the Platform Controller Hub (PCH), that is the reason why they are still listed in device manager. If the FRU/SDR update is not disabling them, we can suggest you wait for an update to the firmware package.


              Since this is an embedded feature from this server board family, a replacement is not going to get rid of the two additional NICs.

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                Do you have any idea when the update will be released?  We have a couple of customers that are requesting RMAs on very expensive servers because the the 'flagged' NICs

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                  I regret to inform you that we do not have an ETA for a future firmware update. Engineering is aware of the situation and will address it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is something completely out of my hands.