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      I recently upgraded one of the Haswell computers in the studio with an i7 4970k -- I was surprised and disappointed with the thermal performance of this batch of cpu's --  I am using a 4U Supermicro Heatsink (I use this on all 12 machines I manage at the studio)


      I thought these issues could come down to these factors -


      -Bad thermal paste application


      -Improper heatsink mounting (not enough contact/pressure)


      -Motherboard feeding too much voltage to chip


      -Bad thermal sensor in the CPU


      -BAD IHS in the CPU --


      I feel like I can safely determine that thermal grease and heatsink pressure are fine- though when doing stress testing I am surprised how little the heatsink 'gets warm' [which is why at first I assumed the issue was the transfer of heat from the top of the CPU package to the heatsink  plate] -


      Trying to lower voltages in the MOBO Bios caused the machine not to POST


      I am asking whether there are known issues with this chip's internal temp sensor or the application of thermal compound between the die and the 'cap' -


      I understand this chip is powerful with incredible power density, therefore it will get hot quick - but I am running into 'thermal runaway' when doing stress testing. Any thoughts on these issues --


      Thank you in advance