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    Increasing frame rate of downwards facing camera


      I've connected a rangefinder and now I'm attempting to run the pre-installed optical flow binary on the drone. When I type "systemctl status aero-optical-flow", I get a series of error messages that "FPS below minimum." The frame rate hovers around 59/60 fps, but the minimum required by the optical flow binary seems to be 70fps. Is there any way to manually increate the frame rate of the downward facing camera?


      "get-aero-version.py" returns the following:

      BIOS_VERSION = Aero-01.00.13

      OS_VERSION = Poky Aero (Intel Aero linux distro) v1.6.0 (pyro)

      AIRMAP_VERSION = 1.8

      FPGA_VERSION = 0xc2

      Aero FC Firmware Version = 1.6.5