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    MFSYS25V2 All power supplies show as Unknown Device




      Our MFSYS25V2 is reporting that all four of the power supplies are "Unknown Devices" and the chassis is refusing to power up any of the servers with the error message "There is insufficient power available to power all the servers in the chassis. If all power supplies are powered and functioning properly, add additional power supplies.". Here are the steps that we have taken so far:

      1. Powered all servers off, disconnected power from all four power supplies, waited 30 seconds, reconnected power and rebooted chassis
      2. Removed power, unseated and re-seated all four of the power supplies in sequence
      3. Reset and rebooted the CMM
      4. Unseated and re-seated the following, each in sequence:
        1. Front fan module
        2. All servers
        3. Both storage control modules
        4. Both SWM
      5. Replaced one of the power supplies with a known good spare

      Three of the servers were powered on and accessible when I discovered this issue, so the power supplies are clearly functioning correctly, at least to a certain extent. It would be nice to get this chassis working again but if that is not possible, I'd really like to be able to at least temporarily force the servers to power on so that I can export the virtual machines that are running on them.


      Does anyone have any ideas?