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    R1304SPOSHBNR Random Fan Spin-up Issues




      First off. I know this is identical to another question posted here: Random fan spin-up on R1304SPOSHBNR


      However, that did not get a solid resolution and we are having identical problems so I wanted to post and see if we could get this figured out.


      We have 3 of these servers and all three of them exhibit the same issue. Like the previous post, I have upgraded the firmware to the latest available firmware and examined the SEL and found no log entries to indicate why this might be happening. Enabling Acoustic mode in the BIOS does cause it to boot quietly and remain quiet, with the exception of these random spin-ups which are still at full speed/volume.


      Touching on the response from the previous post: is there a list of validated memory that Intel knows works perfectly with this unit? The memory we installed in them is as follows: Kingston KVR21E15D8/8 (2x 8GB 2133MHz DDR4 ECC CL15 DIMMs) and it appears to perfectly meet the RAM specifications for this unit. The datasheet on the memory can be found here: https://www.kingston.com/dataSheets/KVR21E15D8_8.pdf


      We would love to get this problem resolved A.S.A.P. as we are installing these units at clients and getting complaints about noisy servers and disruptions in workflow.


      I have attached the debug logs from the iBMC as well for reference.