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    RAID1 on a Intel S3420GPC motherboard



      I have a Intel S3420GPC motherboard with a RAID1 configuration with 2 hdd.

      I few days ago we had an issue with one of the hdd and the RAID1 was forced to go with status offline .

      Operating system (centos 5.9-64 bits) works just fine with drive 0, it boots and all of that.

      But i want to replace the bad drive.

      I turned off the server to replace the bad drive (drive1) and I inserted a new hdd (same hdd as the first one ST1000DM010-2E102 - please see pic2)

      Using the CTRL+E   I entered the embedded raid config utility and tryed to restore the raid1.


      port 0 ONLIN A00-00

      port 1 READY


      1. I tryed Check Consistency (please see pic 1)- I waited 1 hour with no progress 0% (please see pic 1)


      2. I tryed to Rebuild with

      port 0 ONLIN A00-00

      port 1 READY

      It says only hotspare and failed disk can be rebuild.

      Then I went to Objects- Physical Drive - select drive 1 - mark as hotspare,

      I go back to Rebuild , I see


      port 0 ONLIN A00-00

      port 1 HOTSP


      I select HOTSP and hit F10 to rebuild - I receive message VD is not in degraded state, can not select drive for rebuilding. (please see pic 3)


      What is the procedure to rebuild raid 1 ?

      And I still want to have data from drive 0.(I don't want to use configure - new configuration)


      Thank you