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    Driver & support assistant?




      By starting driver & support assistant I got the message you first have to install an newer version.

      This did not work, so I have deleted the older version and try to install the latest version.

      Now I cannot install the lastest version because, I get the message "this account already exsist" By deleting the older version something is not deleted.

      How can I properly solve this problem?



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          Hello Roelof.  This is Monique with Intel and I'm the IDSA project manager.  This error is being caused by the ICIP installer that is offered as an optional software program.  Per the ICIP development team, here are the steps they are suggesting users take who are receiving error when trying to upgrade IDSA.


          1. Download msi from http://registrationcenter-download.intel.com/akdlm/irc_nas/11135/w_sur_p_2.1.0.03392_sursvc_qh.msi  (e.g. to C:\Download)
          2. Open CMD.exe as Administrator and change directory to download location (e.g. cd /d C:\Download)
          3. Run w_sur_p_2.1.0.03392_sursvc_qh.msiIf the windows installer asks for location, please click Browse and choose the downloaded msi (e.g.  
            error fix pic.JPG
          4. If the installation wizard navigates to Repair/Modify/Remove options, choose RemoveIf the installation wizard navigates to Install phase, proceed and finish installation. Then re-run  w_sur_p_2.1.0.03392_sursvc_qh.msi and choose Remove
          5. Uninstall IDSA from Control Panel
          6. Install new IDSA version


          Please let me know if these steps worked for you to get IDSA successfully reinstalled and scanning.

          Thank you,

          Monique with Intel Corporation

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            Hello Monique,


            Thanks for your reply.

            I have follow the steps and succesfull installed the new IDSA version.


            Kind regards,