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    problem with HDMI port on nuc7i7BNH


      hello I have a weird problem with my nuc it came with windows 10 presinstalled, I have 2 monitors connected 1 via hdmi 1 thunderbolt 3 if I leave the computer alone for a couple of hours I can't get anything on the hdmi if I try to go to the display settings it doesnt even show that there is a monitor connected the only thing that i can do is to shut down the system and and soon as i restart it start working again but it has to be shut down if i try to restart it doesnt work on the bios i have the hdmi as the primary option also i have latest bios and also update the hdmi firmware but still same problem I'm running 2 samsung CHG90 monitors on this system and as I mention the work around is to turn off the system and then turn it back on but it is really weird because those monitors have a light on the back that as soon as they get signal they light up but it is just like if the hdmi port just stop sending signal after a while