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    Why is it not possible to change the parameters of Intel Management Engine in BIOS


      I have a Dell Optiplex model 980 desktop computer and when I try to go into the

      section of the BIOS (in this case version A17 - latest available) related to the

      Intel Management Engine I can neither view nor change any of the parameters

      that are related to the functioning of the Intel Management Engine - please see

      link below for PDF of the parameters for the IME.


      Also, when I go into the IME BIOS section, I can not even change the default

      password "admin" to anything else - get error when attempting to do so, yes I am

      confirming and correctly typing the new password - get error message when attempting

      to change.


      It is as if the A17 BIOS version has been used to LOCK the computer user out of the

      IME settings.  Other than "attempting" to change the default password, there is no other

      operable functionality in the IME BIOS section, only option for the user is to soft or hard reboot the machine.


      What would be the purpose of Dell locking the user out of the IME section of the

      BIOS ?