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    How to disable Intel Management Engine in BIOS of Dell Optiplex model 980


      Can anyone tell me how to or if it is even possible to DISABLE the Intel Management Engine in the BIOS of my Dell Optiplex model 980 Desktop computer as described here:




      Or if this is even possible without obtaining a completely new BIOS version from Dell which would not include the IME feature in the BIOS ???


      Please note that in some of the very first parameters the description says that even if the parameter is changed to DISABLE that it does not really

      disable the IME but merely delays its timing - if I am understanding what the description for that parameter is saying.


      Is it possible that I need to disable the REMOTE access / control feature parameter and that is possibly the best that I can do as far as disabling the IME without

      getting a completely new BIOS version from DELL ?


      I am already currently on the most recent BIOS version A17 that is currently available for this machine.