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      I bought a DELL XPS 9550 notebook and I frequently get BSOD. I took it to the DELL and they told they would have to change the motherboard and that would cost me freaking 600 dolars!!!!


      So I gave it a try to a friend to check the problem and after he disabled C-STATES, HYPERTHREAD and TURBOBOOST everything works fine. As soon any of the 3 itens are enabled, crashes and BSOD happens.


      So I am pretty sure the problem is with the processor. The processor that came up with my computer is Intel Core i7 6700HQ. Is there any way I can have a guarantee from Intel to change this processor? I have always been an AMD guy, all my HPs and Asus notebooks I had in the past used AMD cause they are usually 100 dolars cheaper than Intel. So this time I gave it a try to Intel and now I am having this nasty problem.


      Any solution? All my drivers and BIOS are updated and it clearly has nothing to do with my windows cause I used a fresh install of Win10, tried the same with Windows 8.1 and the problem always happens the same way.

          Al Hill

          THat processor is soldered to the motherboard.  You cannot change it.

          Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.50 GHz) Product Specifications


          This is likely why dell was quoting the cost.



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            I cant believe I cant change the CPU...I will never more buy dell nor Intel. At least intel should come up and try to analyze the problem cause clearly there is some problem with their processor and me, the customer,

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              Al Hill

              Run Download Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool


              Also, watch the language.  First and only warning.



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                If I enable c states, hyperthread and turboboost I wont be able to run the test cause the computer will freeze. If I disable those 3 problably the test will say everything is fine cause the 3 things are disabled ;/

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                  Al Hill

                  You said "At least intel should come up and try to analyze the problem"


                  That is what the processor diagnostic tool is for.


                  Have you run the tool?  Also, your assumption is that the processor is faulty, when it may be something else motherboard related.


                  The processor is only two years old.  Did you get any warranty from Dell?  You should be working this out with Dell.



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                    Dell said I should replace the whole motherboard cause the cost to check what is the problem would be too high. I cannot afford a new motherboard so my friend tried help me. Disabling 3 itens I can use the computer with no problem, and I can afford not using those 3 itens cause they dont look too useful to me. BUT that's impressive how buggy INTEL hardware is considering many other people may face this same problem and intel does not care about this problem. They should get in touch with me, investigate... but nothing came out from them.

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                      Al Hill

                      The processor diagnostic check passed, and it has yet to be determined that there is a problem with the processor.


                      I have asked about your warranty situation with Dell, and you have not provided that information.



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                        I have no doubt it's a problem with the processor. If I enable the 3 items I told you windows will freezes in a couple minutes.


                        My warrant with dell is over, it was only 1 year, now it's been almost 25 months.

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                          No, you are just grabbing at straws, but that is besides the point. Any relief is going to come through Dell. That is who you have (or at least had) a warranty with. Isn't it interesting that it failed right after the warranty ran out? Buyer beware: if they are only giving a one year warranty, there is a good reason for it. Crap in, crap out.




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                            Almost all notebook CPUs are soldered to the motherboard. This is normal in notebook world. All CPU and notebook manufacturers do it that way. Only in desktop PC you can change CPU.


                            On Mobile 6th Gen Intel Core CPU (in my case it was Intel Core i7-6500U) I also had freeze issues when running Windows 10 Creators Update (Windows 10 Version 1703) but it has been fixed when I upgraded to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Windows 10 Version 1709). I think it was because with FCU Microsoft brings also update for microcode (the firmware of the CPU). I've heard a lot of freezing issues on Skylake (6th Gen Intel CPU) on early versions of microcode when CPU is on heavy load (in my case this was happening when using virtualization software). When you upgrade Windows 10 to the FCU (if you didn't do that yet), the microcode will be updated as well and the freezing issues should be gone (in my case it has gone).