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    NUC7i3BNK - TypeC to DisplayPort stopped working after 0061 BIOS update


      I've been using a Type C to DisplayPort adapter for a few months without issues. I just installed the latest BIOS "BNKBL357.86A.0061.EB" and after the system installed the update and was booting back into Windows, I was getting no output to my monitor. It did install and was logged into the desktop, auto logs in, just wouldn't output anything to the monitor. The monitor kept going into standby mode as if the PC was off. I do have remote access which is why I was able to remote on and see that it was in fact logged in and sitting at the desktop. I disconnected the the adapter, waited a few seconds and then reconnected, thinking that'll reinitialize the display and output. It didn't. The only way to get the Type C port to output again was to temporally connect a monitor using the HDMI port, which popped up immediately. It also reinitialized/turned on the orginal monitor that was using the Type  C to DisplayPort, now listed as the 2nd monitor. I removed the HDMI cable and then the Type C port was back as primary and working again.

      Is there anything I should do on this system before applying this BIOS update on remote units that are currently configured this way, that hopefully won't require anyone to also connect a HDMI cable to re-enable the Type C port?