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    Install R200 Camera to Up Board - Windows 10


      Hello everybody


      I tried to connect R200 Camera with Up Board like Realsense Robotic Development Kit. I installed Windows 10 to Up Board, DCM R200, SDK 2016 R2, all of them are succeeded, but when I open SDK Example -> RF Person Tracking, it takes about 5 mins to start, and cannot start stream image from camera.


      I think I have a mistake, I tried to reinstall Windows and SDK many times, but nothing change.


      Sorry about my English.

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          Whilst the basic Up Board does support Windows 10 (as you have discovered)), when it is used with the RealSense R200 camera in the Robotic Development Kit it is intended to be used with the Ubuntu Linux operating system and the Librealsense open-source RealSense SDK.


          You can find a guide to using the Up board with Ubuntu by copy and pasting the link below into your browser.



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            I think Up Board really support Windows 10,  I installed it to Up Board and it works fine.


            After I install Windows 10, DCM, SDK 2016 R2, I tried to open Tool -> Camera Explorer, it work, but with Person Tracking, Object Recognition, ... it doesn't.


            I also try to develop a tiny app with Person Tracking, when run, it return nullreferenceexception on the lines faceModule.CreateActiveConfiguration();


            I thinks it have problems with SDK, but I cant find any way to fix it.

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              There is no question that the original Up board supports Windows 10.  It is listed in their own specification for the product.  The problem may be that the Up board is not an Intel product and was not specifically designed for RealSense.  The Robotic Development Kit is a bundle deal of products from two different companies, Intel and the makers of the Up board. 


              So although the Up board may work with Windows 10 if purchased on its own, it is paired with the R200 in the Robotic Development Kit with the intention of using the two together with the Ubuntu OS and Librealsense.