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    Yet another complaint about your 7260/8260/8265 Chipsets


      Dear Intel, (and note to the wider community),


      I have nowhere left to turn, so I am coming back to the source..... Our company sees fit to use Dell Laptops, a reasonable choice I would argue, and for a number of years now they have all worked reasonably well; last count we now have approaching 6500 such devices now,  and all are equipped with Intel Wireless Adaptors; the 7260, 8260 and now the 8265, and since July 2016 thing have been getting progressively worse. Round about the time that you released PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software v. 19.0.1.


      Each and every laptop that has been upgraded to this version Drivers and beyond since July 2016 has resulted in the Wireless not working as it should!


      The highest connection speed that the laptops are able to sustain is 173.3Mbps when they should be obtaining connection speeds to the AP at around the 866.7Mbps mark (to be precise) .... All because the Intel Drivers have messed up the settings (somehow) preventing full AC Capability.


      Because of this .... low starting point (lets call it - trying not to swear) ... a lot of users are not able to connect to the Wireless network at all if they stray from anywhere but directly beneath the Access-Point, yet their personal devices sat next to them on the desk/table/whatever, using the very same access point are all getting 5-bars connecting at 866.7Mbps.  MacBook Pros get 1300 Mbps connection speed..... and the list goes on .... all around me devices are connecting at AC Capable speeds, all except the Dells with your Chipsets! 


      For reference i have attempted to use ProSet versions from 21.10.2 down to 19.0.1 yet the connection speed to the AP never budges: it remains steadfast at 173.3Mpbs. So please do not advise my using the latest version .... as i have proven time and time again to anyone with any technical know-how within our organisation that there is not one version since 19.0.1 that now works.


      I have even deleted all trace of the Proset Software, deleted all of the Driver Files from the System32 folder of prior versions and installed JUST the drivers for the Adaptor for all of the version listed above with exactly the same results: 173.3Mbps! Never More, but sometimes a little less.


      Only when i downgrade Drivers to 18.33.x.x (for the 7260s) and 18.40.x.x (8260's) do I see an improvement. 866.7Mbps connection speed every time without fail thank you very much. Just like it used to be ..... until ProSet Version 19 came along and ruined it all.


      So why are these Dell laptop with your Wireless Adaptors failing to work correctly...... Surely Intel are aware of the tidal wave of hate towards these particular cards (just Google Intel 7260/8260/8265 - [delete as appropriate] - [add any swearword of your choosing] ....)  .... so why are Intel not doing anything to fix it???? If you are doing something to fix it..... you've had since July 2016 .... is a fix forthcoming? Or do i need to approach Apple and purchase 6500 MacBook Pros?


      would love to hear your response on this .....


      many thanks