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    Having rendering glitches when in-game [HD 5000]



      I have a problem with my Intel HD 5000,

      I have a moving band going from up to down over and over, causing a bit of flickering, but only when I am in-game (CS:GO).

      But there is more, these bands causes glitches so I can see through some walls, through smokes and skyboxes. So it isn't just image defect (Display related issue).

      That is literally unplayable, this glitch gets me very uncomfortable, and with the latter it can be considered that the issue gives me unfair advantage (cheating).

      - With VSYNC on issue is gone, but I just can't play with it, because I have a noticeable input lag.

      - Also, accidentally, I found out that when I change system's speaker volume (on Windows 10), with the volume slider/bar on display the glitch is gone, but then I have an input lag like VSYNC is on.

      - I tried out different drivers, nothing has helped, though the first time I had this problem I alt-tabbed (minimized) the game, went to Device manager and rolled back the old driver and it worked. But only till next reboot.

      I managed to FIX IT! I installed really old Intel HD drivers, that came with Boot Camp USB. Build #3496 dated 2014


      The only rational explanation to me, that my chip, i7-4650u is slowly dying, because I game on MacBook Air that has not the best cooling system.