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      • 90. Re: NUC6CAYH screen turns black for a second

        Hi, RMX-IT


        Is there anyone here who's problem was actually completely solved (Please specificy if you use HDMI or VGA) if yes, which actions did you exactly take?


        Yes, I am actually completely solved my issue. See my message here.

        Issue: Fast flickering every few minutes (1080p@60Hz via HDMI).

        Solution: Driver downgrade to


        Hints to Disable Driver Updates in Windows Update in Windows 10.

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          I updated all drivers using the Intel Driver and Support Assistant and that didn't fix it.


          But I eventually found another blog that suggested to update the 'screen refresh rate' in the monitor tab under 'control panel', display, 'advanced display setting'.


          It was set to 29 for some reason but my TV is 60. Since then (knock on wood) I haven't had any of these 2 second black screens.


          Hope it helps others.

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            I am having the same problem - VGA screen goes black for a couple of seconds every few minutes with Windows 10 and the latest Intel NUC driver. From this forum the conclusion seems to be an Intel Driver problem. Before finding this forum I was about to return  my NUC for a refund. I am an embedded software developer. I don,t understand why it is taking intel so long to fix the bugs in there graphics driver. Intel designed the HD 500 graphics IP so they should be capable of writing a working driver. If they can,t fix the problem they need to recall all NUCs.

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              One of the other folks having this issue noticed that Windows had selected a wonky refresh rate for the monitor. After correcting this, the black screens stopped appearing. While you have a "bad" monitor connected, check what refresh rate is assigned. If it is incorrect, fix it and see what then happens. Let us know if this addresses the problem for you.



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                I too went to the Intel HD graphics driver (with Vulkan support), found on Windows Update here:  (64 bit only)




                Since doing this, the units (more than one) have not once flashed the screen and they were being used for over an hour on VGA monitors without bothering to look at the monitor's refresh rate (which the Display.cpl is unavailable in build 1709 on Windows 10).


                Just be sure to make sure that Windows Update will *not* update drivers, and as a note, upon new build installs this will revert to Enabled, so when updating builds, disconnect the NUC from the internet before you do so, this will stop Windows Update from doing it during the build install.

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                  Thanks for your advice. I have checked the refresh rate setting and it appears to be set correctly to 60p Hz.

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                    Hi... just wanted to say a few things


                    0. Using the NUC6CAYH in a budget home theater setup with a Samsung 60" Plasma over HDMI, running through a Denon receiver. I have problems with the HDMI flicker on ever single driver from 4664 until now. I never tested the VGA as it is on a TV.  TV works fine with other HDMI 1080p products.  I also don't know what memory I have in it, don't want to rip everything apart.  (Sorry).


                    1. When I first bought the device in August, I had the intermittent tear/flicker/interference but somehow settled this issue by accident by installing a different driver.  I can't remember what version it was, because at the time it was a new unit and I just figured I had installed the wrong driver and the flicker was gone. I seemed to install (don't remember, sorry) an older driver and everything resolved. (I also knew it was a driver issue because I used LibraELEC and Kodi had no problems.)


                    2. Anyhow, it wasn't flickering again until I did a windows update recently and it installed the new driver. Stupidly, I didn't try to roll back the driver, but rather tried installing from another driver I had in August.  And then another.  Made a mess of things.  Then I did what most of you describe here to no avail. 


                    3. Also, Windows 10 kept installing the new driver every chance it got, within seconds sometimes. Tried the WU hide/unhide tool but it still kept updating.  The only way I could stop it was to  disable updates altogether and then use a gpedit.msc (good instructions on the web) and ban the unit from installing updates for the device. It still downloads and installs and then gives an error.  Not cool. 


                    4. The link provided above by Bytebuilder didn't work, but I did find a link to the same Windows Update drivers somewhere else on the net.  (Took some searching.) However, these drivers wouldn't install using dism and the other versions I found of 4590 with an install package also refused to install. 


                    5. In a last ditch attempt, I used a program and 'unzipped' the contents of the Windows Update cab to a directory, renamed it 'graphics' and, after deleting the similar directory in an unzipped version of the 4664 drivers, copied the 4590 graphics directory into that directory, effectively creating my own installer.  So, I was able to force an install of 4590.


                    So far, no intermittent flicker.  Don't know if this will help anybody, but I thought I'd update you, because I was going out of my mind.  If this helps great, if this wastes more time, sorry.


                    TL;DR: I finally found 4590, forced it to install and prevented Windows from updating over top and seem to have a stable running system until Intel (hopefully) gets around to fixing this (PLEASE!)

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                      Considering how wide spread this problem is could it be a bug with the intel HD500 graphics design?

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                        Good news. I’ve updated my BIOS from version 38 to version 42 and this seem to have helped with the black screen problem.

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                          Hello, I have bought the NUCC6AYH three day ago, I have the same issue.


                          NUC6CAYH, 2 4GB Sticks, 120 GB SSD from Kingston.

                          (using D-Sub)


                          Windows 10 1709 (Home)


                          Random black flashes since windows update installed the OEM drivers. Uninstalled with DDU, and reinstalled new ones from Intel (latest for this NUC according to the search tool). Same result. Updated bios, HDMI firmware, same result.


                          I can confirm that 4950 driver indeed fixes the issue, as JLshi and ByteBuilder states above.

                          • 100. Re: NUC6CAYH screen turns black for a second

                            But now you have another problem - slow USB 3.0 ports:


                            NUC6CAYH slow USB 3.0 ports

                            • 101. Re: NUC6CAYH screen turns black for a second

                              Hi all,


                              We have found a solution to the graphics flashing issue and the BIOS can be downloaded from here: Download BIOS Update [AYAPLCEL.86A]

                              • 102. Re: NUC6CAYH screen turns black for a second

                                Thanks! It does also fix the slow USB 3.0?

                                • 103. Re: NUC6CAYH screen turns black for a second

                                  No, that will be in a subsequent BIOS release.



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                                    thanks for the information, I have updated the bios and it has only served to spoil the nuc, I had to use the warranty of intel since the nuc died with this update, that nobody updates the bios

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