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    Intel ME update from 2017/11/23 bricked my ASUS MOBO




      one month ago I updated my B150M GAMING with i3-6100 and certified memory with Intel ME update version 2017/11/23 (https://www.asus.com/cz/Motherboards/B150M-PRO-GAMING/HelpDesk_BIOS/)



      Everything succeeded, but my PC did not come up, after RMA they sent it back becuse "it works for them". I put everything back togherther and IT DOES NOT WORK. Technical on the phone was not able to help me.



      Can someone help me out to identify the problem. I think that the new BIOS no longer supports my i3 CPU or something like that, assuming they don't lie to me. But even if I confirm it works with different CPU, I will need a BIOS downgrade and that can be done only by ASUS RMA.


      Question: Can BIOS update brick a CPU?