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    rs300 not working


      I have a hp laptop Capture1.PNG

      with RS300 build in, the depth camera not working and  when I'm trying to install the DCM I'm getting this screen  Capture.PNG

      no option to modify or repair.

      how to solve this problem?

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          If your camera was working up until now and then suddenly stopped, it suggests that something has updated in Windows that affected the camera.


          I would usually recommend downloading the camera drivers from the support website of your computer's manufacturer, in case the manufacturer has tweaked the configuration to work with their own machine specifically.  If the camera was working and then stopped though, I would suspect Windows as the cause rather than the RealSense drivers.


          Can you tell me the version of Windows on your machine please?  It should be the second line down, 'Version', on the System Information window.  Thanks!

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            thanks for your reply, actually the camera stop long back ago, and I was not used this computer at that time

            my windows version

            Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language

            Version 10.0.15063 Build 15063

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              Intel and Microsoft worked together for months to try to solve problems with the SR300 and Build 15063, and builds before and after that.  Although some workarounds were tried, ultimately more often than not, a solution could not be found.  This led eventually to the issuing by Intel of the notice below.


              **Updated with new Troubleshooting Steps** Workaround for Windows* 10 Updates Causing Malfunction with Intel® RealSense™ SR300 Camera Driver

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                thanks, MartyGfor your reply, hope this issue to be solved soon because I had so many application not functioning due to the depth camera not working.

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                  If your needs are urgent, a radical solution may be to do a 'recovery boot', if your laptop manufacturer supports this feature.  Dell and Lenovo definitely do.  This is where it wipes your whole computer and reinstalls Windows but also installs all the applications, settings and driver files that came with your PC, returning it to a state it resembled when first bought.


                  A problem with this approach is that even if the camera is restored, it may be disabled again as soon as Windows performs an update.  So after a successful recovery boot, you would have to change your Windows options so it requires your permission to install each new update instead of doing it automatically.

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                    no, it's very hard to that this means I have to delete almost 800 GB of my files.

                    I will consider this option if no solution shows in near future.

                    thanks again MartyG for your kind effort