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    NUC6CAYH: VGA black scr 1-2sec / HDMI flickering: We need a solution


      I work about 15 years in IT, mainly as a Windows server specialist, but also desktop support / integration and software testing.

      Since they first came out, I've been using and recommending Intel NUC's, by now I've installed about 30 of them, mostly with very happy customers as a result.


      About the NUC6CAYH..

      Recently a client of mine needed some simple Windows 10 pc's with a VGA connection, so I installed 3x NUC6CAYH.

      The NUC's have very different production dates, yet ALL of them have the same issue of 1-2 seconds of black screen, sometimes as much as every 2 minutes.

      After trying everything (changing screens, changing cables, trying different BIOS versions, trying different graphics driver versions, ...), without any result, I discovered on this forum that a lot of users are experiencing the same issues.

      An issue like this is not something I would expect in a 2017 product (especially coming from Intel).


      The client bought new screens with a HDMI connection, only to find out this also gives flickering every few minutes, again, on ALL of them! (the screen doesn't go completely black as when using VGA, it's less severe, a kind of fast flicker).

      Needless to say this is a very disappointing experience for both my client and me.  Not to mention the cost of troubleshooting, only to find out it's a faulty product.


      This looks like a design flaw, I can't believe Intel is still selling these!

      Probably only a few % of the people with this issue will find the way to this forum, so that means a huge amount of frustrated customers will hesitate to buy an Intel product again.


      I'm sure Intel knows exactly what the issue is, they should, after all these months and probably thousands of these units returning.


      So my question is:

      To other NUC6CAYH (with Windows 10) users:

      Is there anyone here who's problem was actually completely solved (Please specificy if you use HDMI or VGA) if yes, which actions did you exactly take?


      To Intel support:

      As this issue seems so widespread, please tell us what the root cause is.  If you're not aware of the root cause, please escalate this to the right engineers to troubleshoot.  My feeling is that this specific issue is causing damage to Intel's good name, not to mention the huge troubleshooting costs for all people still buying this product.

      Is there an actual solution? Will the problem be 100% solved with a replacement from Intel?