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    i7 7820x will not boost further than 4.0 Ghz


      i7 7820x

      Asus ROG STRIX E-Gaming Motherboard


      My CPU will not boost further than 4.0 no matter what, I understand that its supposed to go up to 4.3 and 4.5 with Intel Boost 3.0 but it will not. I need some help on figuring this out.

      I remember that my CPU would get up to 4.5 when I first got it, it no longer will even get to 4.3Ghz.


      Latest BIOS udpated

      Ran processor diagnostic tool

      Intel Boost is enabled in BIOS

      New intel boost 3.0 installed


      Picture below is a screenshot while running a stress test on Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.