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      I bought a DELL XPS 9550 notebook and I frequently get BSOD. I took it to the DELL and they told they would have to change the motherboard and that would cost me freaking 600 dolars!!!!


      So I gave it a try to a friend to check the problem and after he disabled C-STATES, HYPERTHREAD and TURBOBOOST everything works fine. As soon any of the 3 itens are enabled, crashes and BSOD happens.


      So I am pretty sure the problem is with the processor. The processor that came up with my computer is Intel Core i7 6700HQ. Is there any way I can have a guarantee from Intel to change this processor? I have always been an AMD guy, all my HPs and Asus notebooks I had in the past used AMD cause they are usually 100 dolars cheaper than Intel. So this time I gave it a try to Intel and now I am having this nasty problem.


      Any solution? All my drivers and BIOS are updated and it clearly has nothing to do with my windows cause I used a fresh install of Win10, tried the same with Windows 8.1 and the problem always happens the same way.