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    Optane Gigabyte Z270M-D3P


      I have tried all the settings, and even made the custom win 10 iso . The setup i follow, The bios are set right according to everything i have read.  So i boot to my usb and install windows, then when it reboots the computer Nothing. It just goes back into the bios. If i turn off the Optane in the bios, and boot to ahci then the windows boot partition works and i can continue installing windows. Then when i get to the desktop, and install the software it reboots, changes my setting in the bios back to Intel Rst Premium with intel optane acceleration, and im stuck at where i was before, nothing, boot loop back into bios cause it wont boot the windows partition. If i turn off again it then boots into safe mode and i see the intel optane pop up on the screen so fast and then i dont get to do anything, computer restarts. So i dont know what it is. I have tried everything and older windows versions. my hardware is fine and i just have the 2 drives installed. windows and the bios see the hardware. so it is a bios issue or intel optane drivers/installer.

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