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        Let us make sure we are using the same language: Flickering is an effect that happens constantly. Having a black screen appear for a moment from time to time is NOT flickering. So, what are you seeing?

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          Hello again. Ok, it´s nok flickering, but the screens turns black for 2-3 seconds, and then back on. One screen has just the VGA input, and another one has DVI/VGA where i use the VGA port. Just happens random and not under any strain. Surfing the web etc.

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            Hi, I have built and sold several of these units and have noticed this issue when using DSUB VGA to a 24" LCD . It's very random in its occurrence.  What I have found when using HDMI  is that the screen doesn't flick black but it randomly tears the image.  Like a game would screen tear.  This occurrence I imagine is causes the VGA to lose is signal when the HDMI port better manages the dropped frame.


            Just to reiterate im Running latest Wind 10, drivers and bios. Have seen this on 4 of these models so far.  Clearly intel need to look it to this asap.

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              I have seen the tear on the HDMI output. It is almost like a S/W-based bit shift that isn't getting enough priority. I have DVI monitor connected to the HDMI output, so it is not just HDMI monitors being more robust. I have another exact same monitor connected to the VGA output. I have NOT seen the black screen at all however.


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                So probably not related? I prefer the HDMI draw issue over the VGA black screen flicking. Do you think this could be fixed by driver or bios? Or is it hardware related? Could a RAM combination cause this prob?

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                  Just to chime in again. I rarely post here because I troubleshoot the NUC for a relative and don't have access to the device itself that often.


                  The black screens are still there despite driver/BIOS/OS updates. Something I failed to mention in the original post was that the NUC is simultaneously connected to a TV via HDMI (1366x768@60Hz) and to said monitor via VGA. No black screens on the TV.


                  Other peripherals/components used with the NUC include:

                  -Kingston SSDNow V300 120 GB SSD

                  -2x Kingston KVR16LS11/4 RAM sticks

                  -3G USB modem

                  -USB keyboard

                  -Wireless mouse (Logitech)


                  Just wondering what components other people that have the same issues are using.


                  (I don't know why this thread was marked as "Solved")

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                    I am connecting my Nuc's via VGA single display out,

                    240 GB SSD Apacer

                    2 x Kingston 2GB DDR3L RAM

                    Sound Output via 3.5m

                    USB Wirless KB/Mouse

                    Clean install of Windows 10 latest build, installed Intel driver updater and installed all drivers/bios from there.


                    I don't think I will order any more of these units until intel investigates the matter properly.

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                      I have the same problem. Many others seem to have the same problem. It seems to be an intel driver problem. Driver seems to incorrectly set the screen refresh rate. We are all waiting patiently for a driver fix from Intel.

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                        One of the other folks having this issue noticed that Windows had selected a wonky refresh rate for the monitor. After correcting this, the black screens stopped appearing. While you have a "bad" monitor connected, check what refresh rate is assigned. If it is incorrect, fix it and see what then happens. Let us know if this addresses the problem for you.



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                          Answers (N/A if not applicable)


                          Provide a detailed description of the issue


                          Screen goes black for a couple of seconds every 1 to 5 minutes.

                          Always (100%): X

                          Often (51-99%):

                          Sporadic (20-50%):

                          Very Sporadic (<20%):

                          Hardware (HW)

                          Brand and Model of the system.


                          Hybrid or switchable graphics system?
                          ie Does it have AMD or NV graphics too?


                          Make and model of any Displays that are used to see the issue (see note2 below).
                          = Local Flat Panel (Laptop panel)
                          EFP = External Flat Panel (Monitor you plug in)

                          HP W1907v

                          How much memory [RAM] in the system (see note2 below).

                          8GB (2x4GB)


                          Hynix HMT451S6AFR8A-PB DDR3 PC3L-12800S-11-12-B4


                          Provide any other hardware needed to replicate the issue.
                          ie: Cables&brand, cable type [vga, hdmi, DP, etc], dock, dongles/adapters, etc

                          Toshiba  HDD MQO1ABF050

                          Hardware Stepping (see note1 below).


                          Software (SW)

                          Operating System version (see note2 below).

                          Windows 10

                          VBIOS (video BIOS) version. This can be found in “information page” of CUI (right click on Desktop and select “Graphics Properties”.


                          Graphics Driver version; for both integrated Intel and 3rd party vendors (see note2 below).

                          Intel ® Graphics Driver Version:""

                          SW or Apps version used to replicate the issue.

                          windows 10


                          Single display, clone, or extended (see note2 below).

                          Single VGA display

                          Display resolution & refresh rate setting of each display (see note2 below).

                          1440x900 59Hz

                          AC or DC mode, i.e. is power cable plugged in or not?


                          How to repro

                          Please provide steps to replicate the issue.  These steps are very crucial to finding the root cause and fix.
                          A screenshot to illustrate the issue is a huge plus. A video of the failure is even better! Attach to the post or provide the YouTube link.

                          1. Power on Intel NUC


                          1. Go to “Device Manager”. Double click on “Display adapters”, right click on “Intel(R) HD Graphics…” and select “Properties”, select “Details” tab, select “Hardware Ids” in Property drop-down box.  Capture this info (save as screenshot) and include as an attachment in the Intel Community Forum posting.

                          NOTE2:      Please follow these instructions below to collect info for the 3 areas. This greatly helps engineering with replicating the issue and investigating and is a requirement from them.
                          Intel SSU (System Support Utility): (Note - This is a new Intel tool that will eventually incorporate gathering all the data needed in one click. Targeting end of year to be fully featured. Until then, please provide the DxDiag and DispDiag as well)Download Intel® System Support Utility

                          1. Download the utility
                          2. Run the exe and select 'Scan'
                          3. Save and include as an attachment int he Intel Community Forum

                          DxDiag Instructions:

                          1. Click on the “Start Menu” -> Type “DxDiag” -> Press “Enter” -> Wait for the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to finish loading
                          2. In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, click “Save All Information” -> Save the file DxDiag.txt
                          3. Include DxDiag.txt as an attachment in the Intel Community Forum

                          DispDiag Instructions:

                          1. Click on the “Start Menu” -> Type “cmd” -> Then a command shell window will open
                          2. In the command shell, type “dispdiag -out %homepath%\Desktop\DispDiag-Intel-Issue.dat” -> The command shell will output something similar to “Dump File: C:\Users\[username]\DispDiag-########-######-#####-#####.dat”
                          3. Locate the .dat file on your desktop and include DispDiag-Intel-Issue.dat in the Intel Community Forum


                          -- This post ends here --

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                            I have just now updated the BIOS from version 38 to 42. BIOS 42 is much more better - only one black screen so far. This is a big improvement.

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                              I did have the same problem with BIOS 38. I’be just updated the BIOS to BIOS version 42. now I’m getting fewer black screen.



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                                Hi all,


                                We have found a solution to the graphics flashing issue and the BIOS can be downloaded from here: Download BIOS Update [AYAPLCEL.86A]

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                                  The BIOS update seems to have fixed the issue. Thank you!

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