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    How can I know the # of FLOPS of an INTEL processor?



      I am working on a Project of a super computing infrastructure solution HPC.

      I am working with FUJITSU servers using INTEL XEON GOLD 6148F processors.

      My client is requesting that we inform the theoretical maximum performance (RPEAK) of each server for which we must complete the following formula:

      rPEAK = CPUSpeed x # cores X Flops x # CPUS x # Servers

      Additionally for the FLOPS we are requested that this value will correspond to the operations of double precision Fused Multiply Add (FMA) and vector instructions AVX-512.

      Our set of servers must offer a computing capacity of at least 150TFLOPS, but since we can not clearly have the information of the processors' FLOPS, we can not accurately calculate the number of servers we require.